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Tomorrow the important things for the Archdiocese-Clarifies the landscape

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Decisions on the archbishopric elections for the succession of the exiled Cyprus Chrysostomos II, will be taken tomorrow by the Hierarchs, in the context of the session of the Holy Synod, which takes place at 10:00 on Monday .

The archiepiscopal elections will be the first to be held under the new charter of the Church of Cyprus, which was approved in 2010. The session of the Holy Synod was announced by the Guardian of the archiepiscopal throne, Metropolitan George of Paphos.

According to statute, the final election of the triumvirate should be completed within 40 days after the widowhood of the archbishop's throne.

“There are some deadlines given by the statute, but these can be exceeded if there are problems, which must be dealt with,” said Paphos Georgios, pointing out that this is the first time that this statute is used to create electoral lists and the elections.

Besides, speaking to KYPE, the theologian Theodoros Kyriakou had stated that after the funeral of the Archbishop, two circulars would be sent by the Overseer, one to the vicars to draw up the electoral rolls, while the other would determine the date of the elections for the highlighting the three person from the flock. The final election of the three-person must be completed within 40 days, he added.

As he explained, the Overseer has the responsibility of the elections and is the one who will send the two circulars, after agreeing with the Synods when the election will take place vote.

According to Mr. Kyriakou, after the vote there is a period of three days for submission of objections, which within five days will be studied and the situation will be clarified so that the triumvirate, i.e. the results of the elections, with the three most dominant ones, will be announced. Within three days of the formation of the triumvirate, the Holy Synod can elect the Archbishop.

Mr. Kyriakou added that in order for an Archbishop to be elected, he must get an absolute majority of the members of the Holy Synod. If there is no majority, then a second vote is held with the two candidates who voted the most out of the three and whoever receives the most votes is elected Archbishop. “If there is a tie, then a draw is made between the two,” said Mr. Kyriakou.

All Orthodox Christians who have been living in Cyprus for one year, whether they are citizens of the Republic of Cyprus or not, have the right to vote. Mr. Kyriakou said that the voters will take a piece of paper with the stamp of the electoral commission to write the name of the person of their preference. To be valid, he added, it should be clearly stated what the voter's choice is, while the person they choose must be over 35 years old, unmarried, have a degree in theology and have 10 years of service in the Church of Cyprus .

Regarding the time frame of this process, Mr. Kyriakou said that it can be completed before the end of the timetables, or even be exceeded by a couple of days, expressing the assessment that before Christmas we will have new Archbishop.

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Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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