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Tornaritis Vs Pruntzos and officially – The pluses and minuses of the two candidates

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ΤορναρΙτης Vs Πρ&omicron ;yντζος και επΙσημα – Tα συν και πλ&eta ;ν των δyο υποψηφiων

Nikos Tornaritis has already started campaigning and Charalambos Pruntzos has officially announced his candidacy.

The stage is already set for the main protagonists and the gladiators are ready to set up the chessboard for the battle of the capital.

Nicosia is of special electoral interest for many different reasons.

Nikos Tornaritis and Charalambos Pruntzos are slowly entering the fray, each with their own strengths and weaknesses candidates to draw votes from the same pool

>> Candidates with a centre-right profile

The battle for the capital, as the political scene has been shaped so far, will be fought between two candidates with a center-right profile, regardless of the party support they receive. After all, all the parties were looking for a candidate in this suit, as the electorate of the capital has specific peculiarities and characteristics.

Therefore, in terms of their profile, both come from the area of ​​the wider Right. Nikos Tornaritis has so far the support of the so-called center-right parties, DISY, DIKO and DIPA. Charalambos Pruntzos announced as an independent candidate, but it is taken for granted that he will have the support of AKEL, VOLT and perhaps the Environmentalists. Even the EDEK has not made a decision yet. He had built bridges of communication with the party and the world of the Left since the time of the presidential elections as the person who proposed the candidacy of Andreas Mavroyiannis and would be the Minister of Finance of his Government, if elected.

Party balances certainly have their own significance. At the same time, however, it is obvious that both candidates could draw votes from the same pool. In other words, the candidacy of Haralambos Prountzos could draw votes from the center-right as a non-partisan candidate and cannot be characterized as a candidate coming from AKEL, even though he will be the candidate supported by Ezekia Papaioannou.

It is in this particularity that the candidate himself wants to bet in order to overturn the party balances which are overwhelmingly in favor of Nikos Tornaritis as AKEL's electoral strength in the capital is small. At the same time, however, another issue arises which Charalambos Pruntzos as a candidate must manage with care. What is pointed out by various party circles is that he should find the balance formula in the way of communicating his candidacy as independent from one and without the stigma of party candidacy, but at the same time he should not lose the identification of AKEL voters and of any other parties that support his candidacy as their own candidate. Because in any case, it is considered extremely important to rally around his candidacy, the parties that will support him, so that he can build on it, whatever inputs he will have in terms of votes from the broader space of the center-right.

At the same time, however, Pindarou's intention to promote him as a candidate for Hezekia Papaioannou, in order to prevent or limit votes from the Right for Charalambos Pruntzos, is also evident. “Everyone knows very well that Charalambos Pruntzos is a candidate of AKEL” he said to “SPORT FM 95.0”, the deputy president of DISY Efthymios said yesterday  Diplaros, for the candidate to answer how he sees himself as an active citizen who has never participated in parties.

Support for Andreas Savvas Mouzouros for mayor of Lapithos

AKEL announced its support for the candidacy of Andreas Savvas Mouzouros for the mayorship of Lapithos. As stated in a statement, the District Committee of AKEL Nicosia – Kyrenia, in its Plenary session, ratified the decision of the assembly of members of AKEL Lapithos to support the independent candidacy of Andreas Savvas Mouzouros for the position of Mayor of the occupied Municipality of Lapithos.

Andreas Savva Mouzouros is 36 years old and lives in Limassol, has his own law office and practices as a lawyer. He is the Vice President of the Youth Council of the Municipality of Lapithos. Also last Friday, the Nicosia-Kyrenia District Committee decided to support the candidacy of Andreas Assiotis for the presidency of the Nicosia District Council. As stated in an announcement by the Provincial Committee, Andreas Assiotis has extensive experience in Administration and Local Government issues.

Perdikis meeting with Christos Tsig

The candidate Mayor of Strovolos, Mr. Christos Tsingis, met yesterday with the president of the Environmental Movement, George Perdikis, at the Movement's offices in Strovolos, according to the candidate's press release.
As reported, during the meeting, Mr. Tsingis presented the Green Agreement for the Municipality of Strovolos, which it made public.
As stated, through the Agreement, the Green, Ecological Aspect of everyday life is approached.
The focus is the Environment and the Quality of Life of the Citizens, which is made up of factors such as Sustainable Mobility, better management of Waste and Recycling, Animal Welfare, Urban Greening as well as the development of systems from Renewable Energy Sources”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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