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Tototheo Global and Neuron join forces to bring AI-based satellite connectivity to shipping.

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Tototheo Global και Neuron ενωνονδ&upsilon ;νειαφυνβσσν&delta ;ορυφορικνδεσιμoτητα στη αυτιλiα.

Tototheo Global and Neuron announce a new partnership to implement Neuron's AI-powered Quality of Experience (QoE) management platform on vessels serviced by Tototheo. This initiative responds to ships' growing need for multiple satellite connectivity and technologies that enable smooth transition between different services.

After successful testing, the Neuron 360 platform has been proven to improve connectivity resilience by providing valuable analytics to improve operational performance and connectivity quality on board. Through this strategic partnership, the two companies will offer their customers the ability to  integrate real-time connectivity data from antennas, routers and third-party systems, offering a comprehensive view of connectivity and QoE on a vendor-agnostic platform.

“Multi-network services are now essential in shipping, making transparency in connectivity performance management critical,” said Despina Panagiotou Theodosiou, coCEO of Tototheo Global. The Neuron 360 will ensure more uptime, making it easier and faster to resolve connectivity issues on board, at a lower cost” Neuron 360 will be available as an add-on tool for Tototheo Global customers.

Ms. Panagiotou Theodosiou added that Tototheo is also testing Neuron Grid, an AI-powered network management solution that enables intelligent network orchestration across multiple carriers and technologies (LEO, MEO, GEO, 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi). Neuron Grid integrates these services into a single channel, intelligently routing traffic for reliable coverage and optimal QoE while managing bandwidth and cost constraints.

“The Neuron Gridoffers a solution that reduces network management costs and frees up resources, ensuring a high-quality experience and durable connectivity” said Ms. Panagiotou Theodosiou. “In partnership with Neuron, Tototheo offers a leading AI-powered network management solution.”

Benny Retnamony, Founder and CEO of Neuron, said: In the era of multi-product satellite connectivity for ships, AI will improve connectivity performance, reducing the time and cost of manual interventions. Intelligent multi-provider orchestration will enable rapid capacity scaling and high QoE maintenance at low total cost.”

Through this of the collaboration, the companies aim to accelerate smart shipping by providing the Neuron platform to more shipping companies.

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