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Tourism: Increased flows from Poland, France and Scandinavian countries are expected

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Optimistic Yf. of Kostas Koumis Tourism for a good tourist season

Τουρισμo&sigma: Ανα&mu ;ενονται αυξημενες ροες απo Πολων λα, Γαλλλα και σκανδιναβικeς χoρε&sigmaf ?

Mr. Koumis received at the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, a delegation of EDEK, led by the President of the Movement, Marino Sizopoulos.

Optimism for a good tourist season was expressed by the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Kostas Koumis, stressing that in addition to the main tourist market of Cyprus, that of the United Kingdom, increased flows of arrivals are expected from Poland, France, the Scandinavian countries, as well as from the new market of Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Koumis also reiterated the Deputy Ministry's goal of increasing tourist arrivals by 5% to 10% compared to 2022, while announcing initiatives to regulate chronic issues such as noise pollution and the operation of leisure centers after the Easter holidays.

Mr. Koumis received at the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, a delegation of EDEK, led by the President of the Movement, Marino Sizopoulos, who conveyed his support to Mr. Koumis “to cooperate and help in the difficult task you have undertaken and which must to manage in the best possible way”.

“It is very well known, tourism is one of the main pillars of the Cypriot economy and therefore, regardless of our political, party positions, we all have to contribute to the effort of maintaining and further upgrading the quality of our tourism as much as possible. electricity, as well as for our homeland to become a privileged quality tourist destination”, said Mr. Sizopoulos in his statements.

In his own statements, the Deputy Minister of Tourism expressed optimism for this year, adding that the goal of the Deputy Ministry is a 5% to 10% increase in tourist arrivals compared to last year .

“We are very optimistic, an increase is expected from a series of markets, our biggest market, the English market, is expected to have a small increase and it is important to keep it at these levels”, said Mr. Koumis, adding that from there and furthermore, we expect increases from some other markets, such as the Polish market, the French market, the Scandinavian markets, which finally seems that despite the initial negative forecasts for two of them, it is very likely that we will now have positive results from all four markets Scandinavia.

“And there are also some new markets, which we have started to invest in, such as the Saudi Arabian market which we also expect to have some very positive results”, he noted.< /p>

Movements for leisure centers and noise pollution

At the same time, Mr. Koumis said that after the Easter holidays there will be developments regarding issues that also need legislative regulation, such as the operation of leisure centers and the bill concerning noise pollution. Regarding the latter, Mr. Koumis said that the Deputy Ministry is in communication with the Ministry that has the responsibility for the matter (Interior).

“There are some issues that concern tourism of the country for decades but which now need an immediate solution and we, as the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, will seek cooperation with the parliamentary parties in order to move towards their immediate solution”, he said.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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