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Train to Larnaca… step on the shamrock

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AEK made the upset against Omonia and (2-1) and got another important three points

ΤρΕνο στη ΛΕρνακα… πΕτη ;σε το τριφyλλι

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AEK beat Omonia 2-1 at home in the context of the 22 match day of the championship.

Despite being behind the score only in the 3rd minute after Franson's goal, the Larnaca team reacted with goals from Ledes (45+7') and Sol (70') made the reversal and got a very important three-pointer.

Thus, the Larnaca team remained in 3rd place with 45 points, while Omonia remains…well behind, at 39 points and 6th place.

1ST HALF:< /p>

The game started with Omonia scoring only in the 3rd minute with Franson. After Mathos's cross from the right, Leciaks chased the ball and made the turn in the area, where the Swede found himself and scored 1-0 from close range.

AEK then pushed for the equaliser, circulating the ball, while Omonia closed back and sought to become dangerous with counter-attacks. The first quarter belonged to the yellow-greens, who despite having final efforts, did not threaten Fabiano.

The Larnaca team had the reins, with the “clover” however pressing properly and not allowing team of Larnaca despite having enough conditions to finish a phase ideally.

Ben Simon's team held the ball, with Omonia waiting to strike on the counter mostly with long balls.

< p>In the 30th minute, AEK missed a great opportunity to equalize. Farage took the ball into the area, made the play with the ball hitting Fabiano's right crossbar. Afterwards, we saw a balanced game, with both teams circulating the ball in the center without any great opportunity.

In the 45th minute, the referee showed the white arrow after a handball by Miletic. However, after On field review, it indicated that there was no violation.

Finally, redemption for AEK came in the 7th minute of half-time stoppage time, with an impressive goal by Ledes! The Portuguese took the ball outside the area and with a beautiful placement sent the ball into Fabiano's slot for the equaliser.

Thus the two teams went to the dressing room with 1-1.

< strong>SECOND HALF:

In the second half the scene did not change, with Omonia having difficulty keeping the ball and AEK having the first say.

However , despite having possession and some conditions, the Larnaca team fell behind in the final effort.

In the 62nd minute he missed another chance, with Sol making the finish and Fabiano making the save. Garcia made a cross into the area, the Spaniard connected with the ball but failed to give it the necessary boost to beat the Brazilian.

In the 70th minute, AEK turned the game upside down with Fran Sol to score for the 12th time in this year's league. Diemers took the free kick from the right and the Spaniard alone at the second post sent the ball into the net.

Afterwards, Ran Ben Simon's team managed the match well and did not allow Omonia to threaten much. On the contrary, AEK was the team that came closest to the third goal.

The Larnaca team had another goal in the 83rd minute, Dyunkou came up from the right and took the ball from Tongia and made the shot with the ball to hit the crossbar and go out. For its part, Omonia tried to threaten with some balls in the area, but without any result.

So 2-1 remained until the end, with AEK getting another important three points.

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AEK: Piric, Diunku, Ledes, Tongia (84' Tomovic), Sol (84' Lopes), Farage (68' Giurzo), Garcia, Milisevic, Pons (68' Gama (73' Mamas)), Roberge, Diemers.

On the bench: Herrein, Toumbas, Tomovic, Casas, Triskovski, Lopes, Gama, Kaptum, Santos . Kakoullis), Stepinski (67' Bakits).

On the bench: Papastylianou, Kelepesiis, Kakoullis, Bakits, Andreou, Ozler, Pantelis, Amu, Prokopiou.

Scorers: 45+3 'Ledes, 70' Sol/3' Franson

Yellows: 78' Tongia, 83' Sol/7' Miletic, 25' Kousoulos

Rejections: -/-

Referee: Sundberg Jakob Alexander

VAR: Christoforou Marios

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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