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Trapped Greeks in Sudan – “We could die at any moment”

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Εγκλωβισμν&omicron ;ι Eλληνες στο Σουδαν - «ΜπορεΙ να &pi ;εθανουμε ανα πασα στιγμor»

The Greeks who are trapped in the metropolis in the center of Khartoum, because of the fierce conflicts raging in the capital of Sudan, are appealing for help.

15 people have been trapped since yesterday, said the Metropolitan of Nubia and all Sudan, Savvas.

Fighting is raging outside the building in the center of the city, gunshots and explosions are heard, but it is too dangerous for anyone to approach the window.

One of the trapped women told Alpha Hellados on Sunday that she has been inside the Metropolis since 09:30 on Saturday. "It is very bad outside", said Alexandra Kalimeri, saying that it is not at all safe for them to go out.

Meanwhile, in his statements on Sunday to ERT News, Mr. Savvas stressed that "you risk even opening the door".

The people are of all ages, Greek Orthodox, Sudanese, Ethiopians. as well as a Russian woman with her child, Mr. Savvas said.
In the Metropolis there are the basics to spend a few days, but the electricity and water are cut off, as in all of Sudan.

< p>Mr. Savvas also explained that all Greeks living in the area are in good health. There was an incident when a rocket hit a couple's house, but there were no injuries.

As for two Greeks who were injured on Holy Saturday morning, the metropolitan said that their state of health is stable and that it does not inspire any concern.

The doctors are waiting when they will have the necessary materials in their hands to perform the surgery, as the shops that supply the hospitals are closed due to the situation, which from yesterday until today it has gotten worse.

He also said that "We have contacted the Greek Embassy in Cairo, the Patriarchate is aware, the diplomatic delegation of the European Union and they are trying to find a way, but it is difficult because the building is at the center of the controversy. We risk even opening the door.

Earlier on Sunday, Mr. Savvas described the dramatic situation in the city. As he spoke, gunshots rang out continuously. "It was impossible for anyone to get out", he explained.

"We have a problem. I have people who have been trapped here since the Saturday morning service. “Nobody had informed us that something would happen in Sudan,” he added.

For the Greeks, he clarified that they are “being hospitalized, they have scheduled surgery for today.” One has been injured in the lower limbs and the other in one lower limb, abdomen and above the eye. The doctors say that their condition is stable».

For his part, the honorary consul of Greece, Gerasimos Pagoulatos, stated that the lives of the two injured are not in any danger, however they are hospitalized in order to perform the necessary operations to remove the fragments from the legs of one and from the abdomen of the other.

In a communication he had with one of the wounded, he said that the reason the operation has not been done yet is because of the fighting which makes the movement of civilians impossible.

"Their health is good, of course they also have their anxieties about if and when the surgery will take place and of course when the civil war that started yesterday, Saturday, will end" he declared.

At least 56 people have lost their lives in two days from the conflicts in Sudan. Two Greeks are among the injured.

Yesterday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised Greeks to avoid traveling to Sudan unless absolutely necessary.

Source: ERT, First Topic 

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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