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Travel guide: How to properly pack your suitcase

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Travel guide: How to properly pack your suitcase

It is the permanent problem when you are preparing for a trip: How will you squeeze your things in the backpack / suitcase / suitcase, so that a) everything fits b) the clothes do not wrinkle c) your waist does not fall from the weight?

Solutions like “I take it all with me” or “I take the absolutely necessary” are not at all effective and will surely make you regret them. So be practical in packing: there are ways to make the most of every piece of luggage.

Roll, do not fold

We do not fold jeans, thick T-Shirts and cardigans, we wrap them in a roll so that they take up -literally- half the space. We only fold T-shirts, fabric pants and shirts.

Load your shoes

Have you ever wondered how much empty space is left unused in your shoes? Socks, accessories, glasses, even chargers fit comfortably. Suppose that everything that goes in there is more protected than in an outside pocket.

Light clothes

You can wear the pants more than once. The blouse or the shirt, better not – is a veto exercised by the rules of style and hygiene. So make sure the ratio is 1 to 2. Look how much space is left free!

Say “yes” to travel size bottles

Of course you are not going for immigration, but for leisure (we have August), so there is no reason to take all your bath together. Shampoos, foams, toothpastes, mouthwashes and creams have long been available in small, safe “travel” packages both to save space – good time – and to avoid “accidents”. Because the “bulk” shampoo in the suitcase, “bulk” is poured.

Throw in a scented sachet

This suitcase is expected to remain closed for hours, perhaps days, anarchically stacked in dark, stuffy luggage compartments. So before you close it, make the move that will keep you fresh and fragrant while you are away from your base and will reduce the unpleasant feeling of closure: throw in a scented clothes, from those on the market to enter the drawers and closets and have a pleasant aroma. Another way to smell like you just came out of the laundry, is to spray your clothes with a little water and fabric softener.

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