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Tremithousa spousal murder: Disagreement on whether there was an agreement between the 75-year-old and the victim

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Συζυγοκτον&alpha ; Τρεμιθοyσας: ΔιαφωνΙα για το αν υπorρξε συμφωνiα 75χρονου με θyμα

A trial within the main trial took place on Monday before the Permanent Court of Criminal Justice, which meets in Paphos, in order to clarify whether certain statements and the testimony of the accused spouse killer of Tremithousa, for which the defense had raised a relevant objection, were made willfully.

In today's trial, new prosecution witnesses were presented to make a trial within a trial, so that the Court can decide whether what the 75-year-old defendant reported to the Police is intentional or not.

At the trial of the Tremithousa spouse killer, the Representative of the Prosecuting Authority, Attorney of the Republic Andreas Hatzikyrou, said that it is not a fact that there was an agreement between the 75-year-old and his wife to kill her. For their part, defense attorneys Nicoleta Charalambidou and Ritsa Pekri said that the defense insists that the 75-year-old's death was caused by an agreement.

In his statement to the Police and also to his brother, after the crime, the 75-year-old had claimed that this was also the will of his wife, something which the Prosecuting Authority could not accept, since as it was emphasized in court, such a thing could set a judicial precedent for future crimes.

In today's trial, the police officer who was one of the first persons to arrive at the scene of the murder of the 75-year-old woman at her residence in Tremithousa testified, followed by a constable, who also arrived at the scene . Last to testify was the Sergeant who took the defendant's voluntary statement. The witnesses were cross-examined by the defense attorneys Nicoleta Charalambidou and Ritsa Pekri.

The next hearing was set for 17.1.23 where the presentation of witnesses is expected to continue. As mentioned in the Court, it is currently being examined whether what the 74-year-old told the Police is intentional so that it can be taken as testimony. If, however, they are not voluntary, then it was noted that they will not be taken into account as testimony.

The Court also ordered that the 75-year-old remain in custody until the next trial.

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