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Tribute to World Poetry Day and to the 30th anniversary of A.Ki.DA.

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 ΑφιΕρωμα στη&nu ; Παγκoσμια Ημeρα Ποiησης και στα 30&chi ;ρονα της Α.KΙ.ΔΑ.

The NIGHT SEFERI – ELYTI event will take place on Thursday, March 21, 2024, at 7: 30 pm in the Event Hall of the POED, in Aglantzia.

The Independent Movement of Teachers, Kindergarten Teachers and Special Educators A.Ki.DA. organizes an Event – Tribute to World Poetry Day, which is part of our reference to the 30+ years of its presence in trade union, social and educational events in our country.

According to the Organization's press release, the content of the Event is dedicated to the two Greek Nobel Prize winning Poets, Georgios Seferis and Odysseus Elytis. The Event will be presented by the Artistic Group “Musical Companions” and will include their poems set to music, readings from their work and a display of photographs, which will concern moments of their life and history.

For A.Ki.DA. cultural action is an essential component and has been carried out throughout its thirty-year history, in addition to continuous and uninterrupted trade union activation for labor demands and the view on the necessary changes in the Education System.

The reference to the thirty-year presence and activity of A.Ki.DA., notes the Organization, recommends for the world of A.Ki.DA. a retrospective on the unique, fraternal, dialogue-filled path with the front-line educator, reflection on what happened and how it happened, empowerment for the difficult, increasingly difficult reality that we are called to read critically and in which to intervene with specific positions, proposals and actions.

It is an opportunity for all executives to express our gratitude to the hundreds of teachers, kindergarten teachers and special educators for the support they offered to the Movement during these three decades, through which we drew strength to move forward in the inhospitable for free thought , the independent voice in the trade union landscape with the sole aim of supporting the combative teacher and contributing to the upgrading of the quality of the education provided. along the way, she convinced many and many colleagues to join the front line of executives and strengthen her ranks, enriching even more the polyphony and internal dialogue, so that we respond in substance to the ever-changing challenges

The SEFERI NIGHT – ELYTI event will take place on Thursday, March 21, 2024, at 7:30 p.m. in the Event Hall of the POED, in Aglantzia.

Information and purchase of tickets on the website of SoldOut Tickets at the link https://www.soldoutticketbox.com/event/vradia-seferi- elyti?lang=en >

; στην Παγκoσμια Ημeρα Ποiησης κα&iota ; στα 30χρονα της Α.Ki.ΔΑ. ” />

Source: politis.com.cy

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