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“Triphylla” for back to back

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Sophroni's lads toppled Paphos in front of more than 17 thousand Omoniates

«Τριφυλλαρα» για back to back

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“Clover” made of “steel” defeated Paphos and passed to the grand final of the Cup! Sofroni Augusti's team, despite being behind in the score early on, found their mental reserves and brought the match “a somersault” (3-1) to defend their title in the final. The goals of the match were scored by Valakari 13', Mix 34', Kasama 79' and Hampos 90+6'.

First half

The game started at a fast pace in the GSP with Paphos having the initiative of the movements and Omonia trying to become threatening with counter-attacks.

The first good phase of the match belonged to Salgado's team in the 4th minute, with Hotsko attempting a long-range shot and Fabiano making a stunning save.

In the 13th minute, Paphos lost its superiority in goals after a nice collaboration between Abdurahimi and Valakari! The first one with an excellent cross made the face of the Philandos with Fabiano… by placing it on target for 1-0.

Then the “clover” equalized and missed a big phase in the 26th minute to equalize the game ! Sradi made the turn after a corner, Panagiotou, who was the receiver, made the shot and sent the ball just wide.

Eight minutes later, the team of Sofroni Augustis found the equalizer with Mix< /strong>! Ansarifard with an excellent ball found the American at the height of the area, and the latter with a nice first-time pass sent the ball into the left corner of the helpless Ivusic.

A minute before the 45th minute, the “blue” threatened once again with Fabiano “unfurling” the “clover” again. Valakari made the return shot from the height of the area with the Brazilian blocking a certain goal in his right corner!

So the two teams went to the locker room with 1-1 being the halftime score.

2nd half

The replay started slowly with both teams not wanting to take any chances from the early stages.

The first good phase in the 2nd half belonged to the “greens” in the 62', with Kakoullis leaving behind the back of the opposing defense, making the spot kick from a difficult position and driving Ivusic to a corner.

In the very next phase that visited the frames of Ivusic, Sofroni's team “upended” the match with Kasama in the 79th minute! After a combination in the corner, the African midfielder attempted a long shot, the ball collided with a defender's body and ended up in the nets!

In the remaining minutes, Salgado's team came forward with the goal of sending the game to extra time, however apart from a weak shot by Tankovic, he did not threaten the opponent's goal.

The “icing on the cake” for the home team came to be put by Hambosat 90+6', who punched a hole in the opponent's area and easily scored the final 3-1 from the penalty spot!

So the “clover” celebrated a great qualification and is invited to defend its title against AEL in the grand final.


Omonoia (Sofronis): Fabiano, Matthews, Youste, Loizou (87' Miletic), Leciaks, Ansarifard (87' Hambos), Bashirou, Sradi (76' Papoulis), Panagiotou, Mix (69' Kasama), Kakoullis (69' Besedin).

Paphos (Salgado): Ivusic, Palacios, Kvinda, Bajric (84' Bruno), Ikoko, Zuninho, Cane, Hotsko, Valakari, Abdurahimi (64' Tankovic), Zairo.

Scorer 34' Mix, 79' Kasama, 90+6' Hambos/13' Valakari

Yellows 75' Juste/32' Bajric, 32' Ivusic, 83' Hotsko, 85' Kvinda, 90' Palasios

Kreds -/-

Referee: Chiffi Daniele

VAR: Nasca Luigi

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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