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Triple message from Christodoulidis – Indirect response to Nikola's actions

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&Tau ;ριπλo μorνυμα απo Χριστοδουλiδη &ndash ; Εμμεση απαντηση στις ενΕργειες &Nu ;ικoλα

The statements of President Christodoulidis in relation to the Cyprus issue are directly or indirectly messages that he wants to send in specific directions, both internally and externally. By indicating that everyone will be judged by the result, N. Christodoulidis even indirectly sends a message to N. Papadopoulos and the initiative he has undertaken. He also sent messages to Ersin Tatarbut also the third parties who appear with ideas in the Cyprus issue.

In his statements, President Christodoulidis, in Akaki, stated that “there are many thoughts and many ideas that are being processed by the Republic of Cyprus, taking into account in particular the dimension of Euro-Turkish relations”. He pointed out, however, that “there cannot be any thought, and by extension, idea, that refers to the satisfaction of a request, and I am referring to sovereign equality, which is not even a topic for discussion.” “So, yes, we are working on ideas , incentives, if you will, data that can create a positive outlook, especially considering the context of Euro-Turkish relations,” he said. Referring to the statements of Turkish leader Ersin Tatar on the Cyprus issue, President Christodoulidis said that he did not expect to hear “anything different from Tatar”, as, as he added, “these are all what this space”.

At another point in his statements, President Christodoulidis indicated that “regardless of what is said […] we will all be judged”. For him and the Greek Cypriot side, he said that “we know what we want, we have clear goals, clear expectations” from the mission of Holguin “and we will do everything possible to have positive results”. A report which clearly sends a message in the direction of the co-governing parties and especially Nikolas Papadopoulos who announced an initiative in view of developments in the Cyprus conflict. What President Christodoulidis is telling him is that he should trust him.

President Christodoulidis said that “we await the second descent of the personal envoy (of the UN Secretary General) , as I mentioned above there will be a first meeting on March 11”, adding that Maria Ángela Holguín Quellarpreviously he will be in London on March 7 for contacts and “I am sure that after Cyprus, or possibly before, there will be a new visit to Turkey and Brussels”.

In response to a question whether there are indications of more active involvement of the guarantor powers and especially Britain, the President of the Republic stated that the one who should be more involved is Turkey. Noting that for this reason Mrs. Holgin visited Ankara, President Christodoulidis expressed the hope that it would be possible to have contacts at a higher level, even at Mr. Erdogan's level. “From there on, the role of the international community is important in a problem like the Cyprus problem, especially in this phase where we are trying to start the talks from where they were interrupted in Crans Montana”, he continued.

When asked if there is anything that has reached the Republic of Cyprus as a message on the issue of energy, especially after the visit of the Turkish President to Egypt, President Christodoulidis replied in the negative, recalling that before Mr. Erdogan's visit to Egypt there was the visit of Egyptian Foreign Minister in Cyprus “with Mr. Erdogan's visit as one of the main topics of discussion”.

“There is no issue related to energy. At this moment, certainly the resolution of the Cyprus issue, the creation of data towards the resolution of the Cyprus issue on the basis of the agreed framework will certainly strengthen this perspective, but at the moment we are talking there is nothing concrete”, he concluded.

Source: www.philenews.com

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