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Triptych of Perdio for tourism

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Triptych of Perdio for tourism

The action plan of the Ministry of Tourism for this year is based on three pillars, in the context of the implementation of the national tourism strategy. The revised plan, due to the pandemic, which caused huge losses to the local tourism industry, has as its main actions the digital promotion of Cyprus abroad, the further improvement of infrastructure and tourism product and the promotion of the countryside.

As the Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios stated yesterday, after the Ministerial meeting, the revised short-term action plan is based on three pillars: One pillar is marketing and promotion, the other is the improvement of infrastructure and the strengthening of special forms of tourism and the The third pillar is to improve the competitiveness of rural, mountainous and remote areas. Mr. Perdios stated that for the first pillar “this year will be the largest digital campaign ever made abroad for Cyprus”, noting that for the purpose of the campaign the ministry is already in the process of producing new creative material to change it. tourism image of Cyprus abroad, which includes photographs, videos and other productions. He also said that the new tourist logo of the country will be revealed as part of the campaign. He added that “it is very important, based on the new data of the pandemic, to make a campaign at the local level, a conscience campaign of permanent residents in Cyprus to get to know the beauties of the island and to show conscientiousness on issues such as cleanliness.” .

Incentives and quality signals

For the second pillar of action of the ministry, Savvas Perdios said that various infrastructure upgrade projects will be implemented this year “such as cycling, diving, cultural sites, beaches, leisure centers, public toilets, wine tasting areas, places of religious tourism and others “. In the same direction, in addition, various incentive schemes of special forms of tourism will be implemented, such as for cruises, conferences, trips to get acquainted with the tourist product of our country, for cultural festivals, sporting events and others related to wine gastronomy and countryside. “We will also implement ten quality signals of our tourist product, such as, for example, the special routes enriched now, the Cypriot breakfast, the nature trails and the taste Cyprus, which trains and rewards all the leisure centers and other companies that want to promote the locality and authenticity of their products “, he said. “At the same time, a digital platform is being implemented to monitor the tourist reputation of the destination, and the service providers themselves. “If a visitor abroad reports about Cyprus or a service he received in Cyprus, we will now be able to monitor these comments on a daily basis as a State Department so that we can work with service providers in Cyprus to improve the product,” he added.

Investments in the region for authentic experiences

Regarding the third pillar on which the action plan of the Ministry of Tourism for 2021 will be based, Savvas Perdios said that, based on a decision of the Council of Ministers, projects with a tourism aspect will be implemented in communities of Cyprus, which will improve the provision of authentic experiences. on the island. He added that this year will be the year of the official start of the authentic 300 km inland route, which will connect all the inland communities, all the authentic experiences in practice and online. He also said that the goal by the end of 2021 is to hold the international street food festival and the “Christmas village” festival, if conditions allow. Finally, Mr. Perdios said that for the marina of Paphos the assignment for the study will be made in the coming weeks, an open competition will be held for a wine gastronomy strategy, while results of environmental impact are expected for the whole national strategy 2030, as well as for its sustainable development of Polis Chrysochous – Tillyria.

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