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Triumph for the Cypriot team in the World High School of Normandy – The distinctions in detail

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The mission of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth (YPPAN) returns to Cyprus tomorrow (Sunday) with exceptional success, participating in the World High School of Normandy from May 14, 2022. Twelve total medals, three gold, six silver and three bronze , a new racing performance, in the girls' hammering, and the highly honored FAIR PLAY- morality and athleticism award & # 8211; compose the exceptional success in the competitive field. At the same time, the election of Renos Pittalis to the Executive Board of the International School Sports Federation, after the departure of Nikos Megalemos, keeps Cyprus among the countries that determine the policy of world school sports.

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In the field of competition, the athletes of Cyprus met the high initial expectations and achieved a historic record since the twelve medals they secured may be one of the thirteen that Cyprus secured at the Gymnasium of Trabzon in 2016, but conquered by the largest number of athletes, a total of eleven took the podium, something that happens for the first time.

The top of the world in school sports was conquered by three Kypriopoulos in Normandy, Valentina Savva of the Lyceum of Vergina, in hammering, even achieving a new performance of games, 69.77, Joseph Kesidis of the Lyceum A ΄ Ethnarch Makarios DG Paphos, also in hammer throw with a performance of 78.36 and Laila Abdulatif of the Pancyprian High School of Larnaca in boxing, in the 50 kg category (in the first and only participation of Cyprus in the sport).

Huge success for the swimmer Anna Hatziloizou of the Lyceum of Kykko BD, who won two total medals, silver in the 50m freestyle and bronze in the 100m freestyle.

Athletes secured the largest medal harvest Cypriot mission, seven in total, two gold, four silver and one bronze and were again the spearhead of Cypriot sports. Leading role for the throws after winning three medals in the hammer throw, two in the discus throw and one in the javelin.

Both Judo Athletes & # 8211; for the first time the sport was represented in Gymnasiada & # 8211; ascended the podium securing silver and bronze medals.

Equally important is the fact that the 21 athletes out of the twenty-three who participated in the mission, secured a place in the top eight of the final ranking, a very promising element for the future of Cypriot sports.

In addition to the competitive distinctions, however, we also had the extremely honorable distinction of the ethics and sportsmanship award. The FAIR PLAY AWARD award was given to Eleftheria Panagiotou of Laniteio Lyceum (4th in the 100m and 5th in the 200m), for her energy to help a fellow athlete who had fallen in the 200m ..

The table below shows in detail the distinctions of students in Cyprus.

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It should be noted that in the Normandy High School more than 3500 athletes from 64 countries took part in twenty sports, the competitions of which were held in nine cities in Normandy.

The Cypriot delegation returns tomorrow (Sunday, May 22) in three groups due to particularities and availability of flights. The first team (among them the gold winner of the hammering Valentina Savva and the head of the mission Neophytos Papaioannou) is expected to arrive at Larnaca airport at 13.40 via Vienna. The second team (among them the gold winners Iosif Kesidis hammer throw and Laila Abdoulatif boxing and the assistant head of mission Paraskeva Samaras) is expected to arrive at Larnaca airport at 16.35 also via Vienna. The third and last team of the mission with the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Spyros Antonelos, is expected in Larnaca via Athens on 20.10.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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