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Tsavousoglou: The federation is saturated after 52 years

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Tsavousoglou: The federation is saturated after 52 years

Diplomatic mobility has accelerated in the run-up to the informal 5 + 1 meeting proposed by the Turkish side, Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu said, adding that tomorrow at the meeting chaired by Ersin Tatar, they would determine their stance as Turkey and “tdbk” called the pseudo-state.

The Turkish Foreign Minister arrived in the occupied territories in the afternoon and in his meeting with the “Prime Minister” Ersan Saner also referred to the pandemic, saying that they have already given 40,000 doses to the pseudo-state and as soon as Turkey receives more vaccines, they will give more “to the daughter country” . He noted that this is his first visit since the formation of the new “government” in the occupied territories.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, the Turkish Minister said that the UN Secretary General's Special Envoy, Jane Hall Luth, made contacts on the island, went to Turkey and added that the informal five-party meeting could take place in New York in March if this is possible and depending on “We suggested that it could happen in Geneva as well,” he said.

His visit, he continued, aims to determine the position they will take at the meeting tomorrow under the Turkish leader, noting that today in the presence of Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal, a technical meeting was held at the “presidential”.

Tsavousoglu also said that his visit was aimed at demonstrating Turkey's support for the new “government”.

The “Prime Minister”, Ersan Saner, stated for his part that the historical bond “mother – daughter” can not be broken and that the Turkish Cypriots are “a part of the Turkish nation”. They will continue, he said, to act together with Turkey, especially on the issue of the “blue homeland” in the region. Thank God the Turkish Republic is always by our side, said Mr. Saner, thanking the Turkish President and Vice President for their support.

On his first visit to Turkey since taking office, the “prime minister” said, they discussed the financial protocol for 2020 and what will be signed in 2021. We saw the fruits of these discussions and I hope we will continue to see them and 2021, added Ersan Saner, talking about the consequences, financial but also on health, caused by the coronavirus in the pseudo-state.

With the vaccines sent by Turkey and will send insilah – as he said – “we will overcome the obstacles in the economy”.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, Mr. Saner argued that the only reason that so far no solution has been found to the Cyprus issue is that throughout history the Greek Cypriots did not want to share anything with the Turkish Cypriots and that it is the oldest unsolved problem before of the UN.

“Political equality, according to UN terms, and the six parameters of governance, power-sharing, territorial, property and guarantees, have never been accepted,” Saner said. “Now is the time.” to move to a different management “.

According to Mr. Saner, the federation can no longer be discussed as a solution and what can be discussed is the solution of two states together with Turkey, they will see how they can defend it.
The pseudo-state is now becoming apparent to the international community, he said, adding that he has visited the EP and the CSCE, called for continued Turkish support and “now discuss what we can do about a two-state solution.”

Tsavousoglou – Ertugrouloglou

In statements with “Foreign Minister” Thaksin Ertugrouloglou, Mr. Tsavousoglou said that the negotiations that have been going on for 52 years in Cyprus could not reach a result, but in the process from now on they will not negotiate the federation.

The proposal for a 5 +1 meeting was ours because now the federation is saturated after 52 years, said the Turkish Foreign Minister, “all procedures are saturated. We know that negotiations will not help. I believe that the e / k side is also aware of this. Unfortunately, the Greek Cypriot side does not follow, like us, an attitude of principles and honesty. It does not make sense to negotiate for a federation. In an informal meeting we must first see what we will negotiate. Our position is clear. We definitely have questions. We will have the opportunity to see how honest the other side is. That way we will see whether or not there is ground for negotiations in this meeting “.

Turkey wants to work in harmony with the pseudo-state, he added, adding that “we have no doubt that we will be in harmony with you.” We will see together, he said, the rights of the pseudo-state and the Turkish Cypriots and they will defend them together by taking decisions together.

Mr. Tsavousoglou also referred to Varosi, saying that “the registration work is continuing” and once completed they will take steps that “will not overlook property rights in a way compatible with UN resolutions.”

It is not right to expect the same things after a failed 52-year negotiation, “Foreign Minister” Thaksin Ertugrouloglou said, adding that the 5 + UN meeting expected to take place in March will be attended by “two nations, two sovereign states”. In the five-party, he added, they will not discuss details and the known chapters, nor the issue of guarantees, but “we will go with good intentions and if there is the same will on the other side, then we will meet again.”

Tsavousoglou – Senaroglou

Before the “prime minister” Saner, the Turkish Foreign Minister had a meeting with the new “president” of the “parliament”, Oder Senaroglou, according to the protocol of the pseudo-state. He also referred to the pandemic and the Cyprus issue and conveyed the greetings of Turkish President Erdogan and Vice President Oktay.

Meanwhile, a statement by the representative of the Turkish leader, Berna Celik Dogruyol, on the morning meeting with the Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister, Sedat Onal, states that the special representative of the Tatar, Ergun Olgun, was present and stressed that the conditions and the region demand for a lasting peace and stability a cooperation in Cyprus based on the sovereign equality of the two states.

They exchanged views, he added, on the informal 5 + UN meeting they will attend to seek a negotiating basis based on the aforementioned constructive vision.


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