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Tsavousoglou: We do not say we will not start negotiations for the federation

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Tsavousoglou: We do not say we will not start negotiations for the federation

“There is no reason to negotiate something that will not happen, we want a solution that can be negotiated through diplomacy,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu told a joint news conference with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo Ταan. that he is not discussing the federation as a solution, but a form of two equal, sovereign states living side by side.

Both referred to the issue of natural resources, with Mr. Tsavousoglou stating that if a formula for a fair distribution of hydrocarbons is found, 50% of the problem in the Eastern Mediterranean will be solved.

The meeting between Ersin Tatar and Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu began with a private meeting followed by that of the two delegations. In total, the meeting lasted more than an hour and a half and in the press conference that followed, the two men referred to the Cyprus issue, with the Turkish Cypriot leader stating that Turkey and the pseudo-state “continue our work in harmony.” In relation to the pandemic, Ersin Tatar said that the Turkish Cypriots will also receive vaccines from the 6.5 million doses that Turkey is waiting for.

Ersin Tatar

In his initial statement, Ersin Tatar said that it was a preparatory meeting for the 5 + 1 meeting on the Cyprus issue – possibly in the first weeks of March – and that the important thing was to “develop an understanding of the continuation of the work and the political achievements of the two peoples living side by side in Cyprus for the last 50 years, under the roof of their own state “.

The important thing is to clearly maintain the rights and interests in the region so that prosperity and stability can continue in Cyprus and if there is an agreement to be a reality where everyone can be won, he added.

That is why they are working, Mr. Tatar continued, referring to the fact that Turkey has the largest coastline in the Eastern Mediterranean and is “the largest country and the strongest”. “That is why feeling Turkey by our side and with 100% consensus of ideas, before such an important meeting, gives us strength,” he said.

Mevlüt Tsavousoglu

In his own initial statement, the Turkish Foreign Minister referred to the handling of the pandemic that “hit the whole world” and said that what they do in Turkey they do for the sister and daughter of “tdvk”, as the pseudo-state called it, referring to the construction of the new hospital in occupied Nicosia. In the next period, he continued, as soon as Turkey receives vaccines, it will send them again to the pseudo-state, expressing support for “the entire Turkish people being vaccinated. This is the message that the Turkish President wanted me to send to the Turkish people. “

Mr. Tsavousoglou reiterated that the proposal for a 5 + 1 meeting for Cyprus was a Turkish idea. In Crans Montana in every meeting morning and night, but also in Geneva, at the Summit in 2017 for Cyprus, the Turkish Foreign Minister said “we had said that these are the last negotiations on the Cyprus issue. From now on, there will be no negotiations for the federation again. I have said this many times, Mr. Akinci also said it, he also said it in Crans Montana “. Turkey and the pseudo-state have said it many times, he noted.

He also reiterated the position that the failure in Crans Montana is due to the fact that the e / k side, as today “does not want to share anything with the t / k people nor with the tdbk, and this was shown”, as Mr. Tsavousoglou referred to the pseudo-state. “They have the same attitude today. We said, however, that if there is no political equality, there must be sovereign equality. We are now at this point, “he added.

For 52 years, he added, negotiations are underway for the federation and as before and after the Annan plan, the negotiations fail due to the attitude of the e / k side. “It simply came to our notice then. Negotiations must now take place on the basis of sovereign equality. If there is sovereign equality, then there can be two states. After all, today in Cyprus there are two communities, two peoples and two states. There is a de facto situation, whether it is recognized or not. We must reflect this. What do we say? “We want a permanent solution that will be negotiated through diplomacy,” he said.

Until today, we were negotiating but we could not reach a result, Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu continued, saying that with the election of Tatar in the last “presidential” elections, the Turkish Cypriots approved the policy of a two-state solution. “That is, they gave him the approval,” he said.

In Crans Montana, said Mr. Tsavousoglou, they went and stayed 11 days thinking that there was room for negotiation but there was no result. At the informal 5 + 1 meeting, he said, they will see whether or not there is room for negotiations. At every platform and step, he said, as Turkey and a pseudo-state, they clearly and honestly state their position and this is what they will do in the five-party system.

Tsavousoglou for hydrocarbons

The Greek Cypriot side does not want to share power or wealth and one of the main reasons for the Eastern Mediterranean problem is this, said Mr. Tsavousoglou, saying that the Greek Cypriot side does not want to share either the hydrocarbons or the revenues from them. He referred to the proposal of the Turkish President for a multilateral conference on the Eastern Mediterranean with the participation of even the companies operating in the region. For Cyprus, he said, either the two sides will participate “or there should be a different platform. That is, either will participate or neither. Our desire is for both to participate and find a solution for a fair share. “If we can find a solution to the issue of revenue sharing in Cyprus, 50% of the problem has been solved.” Turkey, the pseudo-state, is present in a fair distribution, he added.

Asked by a journalist what position they would take if the Greek Cypriot side puts the federal solution on the table, Ersin Tatar said that the position of both – Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side – is clear: “Let's go to this meeting (five-party). to support the cooperation of two states, based on sovereign equality, which will work together side by side. After all, I told Mr. Guterres when we spoke. “

If they respect democracy, as they say, then they will respect this position as well, because this is the mandate he has from the “people” who elected him, he said.

He also referred to the book of his special envoy, Ergun Olgun on the negotiations, in UN Resolution 186, to support his position that the Greek Cypriots do not accept to share power with the Turkish Cypriots and that is why to create a structure based on sovereign equality now. If they do not achieve this, he said, the alternative is to empower the pseudo-state.

Taking the floor, the Turkish Foreign Minister stated that “we said that we will not negotiate for a federation again, but we do not say that we will not start negotiations for the federation and period. We explain why: There is no reason to negotiate something that will not happen. Why hasn't this happened in 52 years? What is the guarantee that what has not been done for 52 years will be done tomorrow? Is there a guarantee? No”.

Even if the Greek Cypriot side says it can now accept political equality, it continued, and before Crans Montana it had accepted some things but there it began to retreat. If this happens again and the e / k side comes back and says that in the end the two-state solution is the best, what will we say, Mr. Tsavousoglou wondered, asking how many more years will be lost until then. “We have no more tolerance, we have to be realistic,” he said.

The Turkish Foreign Minister said that there are different approaches on the Greek Cypriot side, he is well aware that President Anastasiadis wants a two-state solution and referred to the recent statements of Archbishop Chrysostom. “He did not say it only to me, he also said it to others (SS: it means that President Anastasiadis did not say it to himself only about the two states, but he also said it to the Archbishop).

“The difference is that we say the same things everywhere, honestly and with principles. And the international community cannot impose something that cannot be done, it must not impose it. UNSC resolutions are not something that does not change. “If negotiations on anything in the informal Pentagon begin tomorrow, the UN Security Council may change the resolutions and give a mandate to the Secretary-General.” Turkey and a pseudo-state do not say, he added, that this is what they want and this is how it will be done and should not be imposed on the Greek Cypriot side.

Asked where and when the informal five-party conference will take place, Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu said it was being organized by the UN and the Secretary-General. The international organization is considering convening it in New York, but there are restrictions due to the pandemic, he said, adding that Turkey has proposed Geneva or Vienna or where there are UN offices, such as in Istanbul, but the E / C side or other countries may not accept, he said.

“Of course we prefer it to be in Europe, because it is closer, but the UN Secretary General is thinking about New York. But we will see if this idea will change in the conditions of the pandemic “. Discussions are taking place, there is no final date and place, he noted.

Asked about the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum, the Turkish Foreign Minister said that no platform in which Turkey participates and the pseudo-state does not apply. “We have shown that it is not valid until today, both in diplomacy and in the field. “Therefore, we will not know who will be an observer, who will participate, but a platform in which Turkey and the TRNC do not participate is not valid,” the pseudo-state was quoted as saying.

Asked to comment on recent reports by EU officials that a two-state solution to Cyprus is not on the table, Mr Tsavousoglou wondered who the EU was deciding on the issue, noting that the Union was taking part in the negotiations as an observer. we allowed it “.

The EU, he added, has no jurisdiction to decide on maritime jurisdictions either, the European Court of Justice has ruled that the EU has no such jurisdiction.

“In order to be an observer, the EU must be objective and impartial. It must be fair. Because we told them, we say it openly, they always unconditionally supported the rights of the e / k side and ignored the rights of the t / c side. They take a position, they discriminate “. Turkey, as a guarantor country or the pseudo-state, may have an opinion, Tsavousoglu said, but the EU, which wants to participate as an observer, cannot take and impose decisions in advance. “For this reason, I hope that from now on they will make more careful statements,” he concluded.


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