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Tsigki proposal for strong markings on fixed and mobile cameras-“Within 60 days if elected”

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<p data-block-key=The candidate for mayor of Strovolos, Christos Tsigis, sent a letter to the Minister of Transport and the members of the competent committee of the Parliament and other authorities, who proposes strong markings on the warning signs for the fixed cameras at the traffic lights and for the mobile cameras located in the territory of the Municipality of Strovolos.

As Mr. Tsingis mentions, “I have compared exactly the same measures, what advanced countries are doing abroad and especially in central Europe”.

At the same time, he points out that, “we all periodically receive complaints from citizens, where for a measure that, based on the data, has reduced accidents, unfortunately instead of being primarily repressive in road behavior and in the cultivation of a more correct conscience, it has become extremely tax-collecting, since there is no proper warning, but in some way “cover-up” resulting in many drivers being victimized. They are additionally burdened with costs and degrees of penalty, which needs another legislative regulation, more fair because many citizens are at risk with the degrees of penalty”.

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<p data-block-key=Cyprus, Mr. Tsingis points out, “for many years had a human-centered approach to these matters, we did not see things coldly and mechanically as an institutionalized state, we did not aim at tax collection, but at the cultivation of a more correct conscience – in this case of road”.

And he suggests, “as an example, to start first in the Municipality of Strovolos, if the goal of the state is not collections but better road behavior, strong color markings (yellow color) on warning signs for fixed cameras at traffic lights and for mobile cameras (in front of where the vans are parked) located on the territory of the Municipality of Strovolos. Related photos to help with the image are attached.”

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<p> of the first 60 days. I would greatly appreciate it if you would inform me about the actions you will take”, he concludes, addressing all the authorities.</p>
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