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Tsorniger: “There is nothing I would change – It reminded me of Zilina”

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Read what Apollon coach Alexander Tsorniger said in the press conference after the heavy defeat by AEK in Tsirio (4-1).

He stated in detail…

“Congratulations to AEK and its coach for the fair victory. Maybe the score is a bit unfair but they took advantage of their opportunities much better than ours. We had opportunities but we also made mistakes in defense. We put a lot of pressure at the end of the half but we didn't use it. We had tension, we made phases but at times we did not have a clear mind and we made many individual mistakes. We were very good as a team in the first four games but today we did not use our head in the same way.

At some moments we had the opportunity and the momentum to push to enter the game, we did not succeed because after a good period came mistakes that gave the opponent the opportunity to change the pace. We have to work on some mistakes and some decisions, the players have to help their teammates in some places and not create problems. People recognized the effort and applauded the players.

Heads up, us, the players, the fans. We have a break, some injured will return, then we have Omonia. We are proud of our work so far, we do not do miracles, it was a bad day. We will work with the children for the next games “.

How he explains the many mistakes and what he considers to be his responsibility in the defeat: “I said about the mistakes. We made easy mistakes in easy passes, we put hard on ourselves. At times we held the ball. There is nothing that I would change if I did something different. The problem is that we have to make decisions before the game or during it, your questions come after the game. It's not easy”.

“We won four games as a team and lost today as a team. That's what I told the players. I was fine with the mentality they had. I was not okay with the decisions they made individually. We have a lot of charismatic players. Albanis made his debut, he is a very quality player. Players need to play as a team and know when to take individual action. The many mistakes that reminded me of the match with Zilina. We have players who still need time, work. We have to be patient and work on our mistakes. “

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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