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TUI: Cyprus in the options for cheaper holidays

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High demand for the summer, end of last minute bookings, estimates the CEO of the company

TUI: Η Κyπρος στις επιλογς

2023 “will not be a summer of last-minute bookings”, as was the case in previous years.

The era of cheap flights is finally over according to TUI chief Sebastian Ebel, who in an interview with German newspaper Bild, warned of high prices and the end of last-minute bookings.

Nevertheless, he said that there will be the possibility of cheap vacations this year as well. “Countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Cyprus and Thailand show only small changes in their prices compared to the previous year. In some Mediterranean countries, such as Spain, prices are cheaper than in Germany,” he underlines.

TUI, according to Ebel, is recording extremely high demand in the first summer after the end of of the coronavirus pandemic, with Greece leading the way in bookings.

“Countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Cyprus and Thailand show only small changes in their prices compared to the previous year” .

“In some holiday resorts there are now almost no rooms available, for example in popular hotels on the islands of Kos, Crete or Rhodes. Instead, there are still rooms available in Majorca, mainland Spain and Turkey,” it says.

In general, 2023 “will not be a summer of last-minute bookings,” as it has been in previous years. “On the contrary: Just before departure, prices will be higher rather than lower,” says Ebel.

Given that “hotels and airlines know that many reservations are made close to the date of travel, last-minute big offers will be the absolute exception”.

In relation to air travel there is also the additional problem of reducing capacity at airports. Demand exceeds supply. “That's why these cheap offers in the context of promotions will no longer exist as they used to,” the head of TUI clarifies.

Referring to the money Germans are willing to spend on their holidays this year, Ebel speaks of “an average of 1,200 Euros per person”. However, “our customers who make reservations at five-star hotels will do so again this year”.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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