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Turkey does not want us to open flights to the world directly

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Turkey does not want us to open flights to the world

Forces, supporters of solution and peace, where are you? Why are you so silent? Why are you silent? It is proposed to open Erzian Airport and the port of Famagusta. Do you have absolutely no opinion to express on this subject? Tatar has and you do not have? Tatar rejects it. I do not give Varosi against Erzian and Famagusta, he says. Do you agree with Tatar? Do you have the same opinion? If you do not have the same opinion, why are you silent? Is such a proposal to be rejected? I really have a hard time understanding why you are not defending it. Either you do not know what this means, or you are afraid of Turkey, or you consider it a territorial concession, like Tatar. What else can it be? I know, if Tayyip Erdogan says okay, you will say okay. None of you can object. Even Tatar will change his mind immediately. And he will not be able to say to Erdogan “we do not give Varosi”. You all move like trained soldiers. That's why we call you puppets. Your rope is in the hands of the one who moves the puppets. He plays you the way he wants. He makes you a masquerade.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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