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Turkey-pseudo-state deal for 150 million Turkish lira loan to traders

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 ΣυμφωνΙα Του&rho ;κΙας - ψευδοκρατους για δανειο 150 ε&kappa The volume of trade with Turkey has reached $2.5 billion by 2023.

Three agreements were signed between Turkey and the pseudo-state during the illegal visit of Turkish Trade Minister Omer Bolat to the occupied territories last Friday.

According to the GTP, the press reports that the agreements are: 1) the Joint Commission Memorandum of Agreement, 2) the Cooperation Protocol and 3) the Cooperation Protocol for the Inspection of Products imported into the “dvk” .

One of them foresees granting a loan of 150 million TL to Turkish Cypriot traders. The upper limit of the loan per company will be 650 thousand TL, with a duration of 5 months and 25 percent cost – payment every 6 months.

It is noted that the volume of trade with Turkey has reached 2.5 billion dollars in 2023.

Avrupa wrote yesterday that artichokes exported from the occupied territories to Turkey were returned from Mersin because there were pesticide residues beyond the permissible limits. He notes that instead of being destroyed en masse, they will be turned into animal feed, without thinking about how dairy products will be affected.

The newspaper also writes that due to the quarantine imposed by Turkey for citrus disease, which was detected in the occupied territories, not even citrus fruits can be exported to Turkey. This resulted in producers in the occupied village of Elia staging a protest, as thousands of tons of citrus trees are at risk.

Source: politis.com.cy

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