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Turkey shows itself again: “We will enthusiastically celebrate the 50th anniversary of 'Operation Happy Peace'”

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    Η ΤουρκΙα δεΙχνε ι ξανa τον εαυτo της: «Θα γιορτaσ&omicron ;υμε με ενθουσιασμo την 50 or επeτει&omicron ; της “επιχεΙρησης χαροyμενη ει&rho ;orνη”»

    Turkey's incendiary statements about 1974 continue – After Erdogan, it was the turn of the Turkish Vice President – “Without Turkey's guarantees, Cyprus would have become Gaza in 1974” – Ship from Turkey to occupied territories for 50 years of invasion – “This year we will enthusiastically celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Operation Happy Peace.'' – No to intrigues that lead to danger with a deal on a federal basis, says Tatar

    Without the guarantees of Turkey in Cyprus in 1974 >scenes similar to those in Gaza could develop, the Turkish Vice President claimedCevdet Yilmaz while he said that for the 50th anniversary of the invasion they will organize the passage of a ship from Turkey to the occupied territories. At the same time, he called on the Cypriots to connect to the water and electricity that reaches the occupied territories from Turkey.

    For the Turkish Cypriots, he said that they should benefit from the same services as the citizens of Turkey. For his part, the Turkish leader was negatively positioned in relation to “intrigues that could lead us to danger with an agreement on a federal basis”.

    In his speech at the iftar (first meal after the all-day fast) in Istanbul which was also attended by T/k, Mr. Yilmaz claimed that “while the Turkish Cypriot people resisted against the Greek Cypriot atrocities, the fact that all of Turkey stood by his side is the result of this unity of destiny from the long past”. li>

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  • Ship from Turkey to occupied territories for 50 years of invasion

    Mr Yilmaz also claimed that the Turkish invasion “put an end to the oppression, terror and inhuman attempts at intimidation that they were targeting the Turkish Cypriots”.

    This year, he said, we will enthusiastically celebrate the 50th anniversary of “operation happy peace”, as he called the Turkish invasion. “Our intention is to organize a passage by ship to the tdvk from Turkey. There, we will add a different touch to this beautiful day with our veterans and people from different walks of life. We will organize these events together with the Turkish Cypriot government,” he said, referring to the pseudo-state. “Our basic philosophy is that our brothers and sisters who live in the Turkish Cypriots, the Turkish Cypriots, they should benefit from the same services as the citizens of the Republic of Turkey”, he said.

    In reference to fthe electricity interconnection project of Turkey – occupied, Mr. Yilmaz spoke of a “very critical project”.

    “As you know, there is the island economy of northern Cyprus. Costs are generally high on islands due to scale. But when you connect the island to a large mainland country, you also reduce costs. We did this with water, now we will do it with electricity as well”, he argued.

    When we achieve this, this cable system, he added, “will be able to take advantage of the potential of tdvk in renewable energy sources, as the operation of the connection system will be two-way and wide”.

    Therefore, he said , “we have started the feasibility studies of this project”.

    According to the Vice President of Turkey “Greek Cypriots can come and benefit from this project.We are not so closed minded. That would make sense. Instead of connecting to gas and electricity in very expensive ways, if they connect to Turkey, to the interconnected systems through Turkey, it will be in their interest and in the interest of all of us.”

    Mr Yilmaz he argued that without Turkey's guarantee, without the “peace operation”, as he called the Turkish invasion, “scenes similar to those in Gaza could develop in the truce”, adding that “Turkey did not allow it”.

    For the Cyprus issue, the Turkish Vice President said that “there is no point in trying again and again the methods that have been tried in the past and have not produced results”. He claimed that there is a 40-year-old 'state', there is a 50-year history of ” peace operation”, “there is a reality”.

    He argued that “the whole world must see and understand this reality. The sovereign equality and equal international status of the Turkish Cypriots, which are their inherent rights, must be recorded. That's what we believe. As the Republic of Turkey, we always stand by the Turkish Cypriots in this matter.

    In his speech, Turkish leader Ersin Tatar said that the pseudo-state “will experience a different era with the arrival of electricity via cable in the next period, after investments in roads, infrastructure and communications”.

    Mr. Tatar stated that they will once again strongly announce to the world what sovereign equality and equal international status means in Cyprus and added: “Once again we say no to intrigues that could put us in danger with a agreement on a federal basis. in the Mediterranean”, he claimed.

    For his part, “prime minister” Unal Ustel claimed that the pseudo-state “has never been separated from the motherland Turkey “ and that Turkey has always been a supporter of major projects in the “tdvk”. He mentioned that very soon they will bring the water coming from Turkey and Anatolia to the plains of Mesaoria and said that work in this direction has started.

    He referred to the signing of a “protocol” for the transfer of energy from Turkey in the occupied territories by cable, adding that there will no longer be an energy problem in the pseudo-state

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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