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Turkey teaches the “Blue Homeland” lesson in schools

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H ΤουρκΙα κανει μημα σοε«αζα τρiδα»

According to the Turkish Ministry of Education, the Geography lesson will emphasize the importance of the geographical location of Turkey through the projection and discussion of maps related to the “Blue Homeland”< /p>

The nationalist narrative of the “Century of Turkey” which of course also includes the “Blue Homeland” is included in the official educational program of Turkish Schools by a decision of the Turkish Ministry of Education which was published on April 28.

The change of the educational program aims to inspire the new generation of Turkish students from the “greatness” of… of Turkey's achievements with special references to the military industry but also to the sending of a Turkish satellite into space and at the same time to inoculate the new generation with the revisionist narrative of President Erdogan.

Particular interest is given to the Geography< /strong> in order to strengthen, as the announcement states, the “national consciousness” of the students and in this context the importance of the geographical location of Turkey will be emphasized through the projection and discussion of the maps concerning the “Blue Homeland strong>” and “Homeland of Heaven“.

H ΤουρκΙα κανει μα&theta ;ηασοε«αζαΠα&rho ;δα»

The first page of the contested decision

Introducing directly the revisionof Turkey by challenging international treaties as well as international law, in the new school curriculum, as stated by the Ministry of Education of Turkey, “Turkey's just struggle against demands that ignore its legal and geographical rights in the seas will be highlighted and emphasized the phenomenon of patriotism”.

And so that there are no doubts about the intentions of those who proposed and approved this new curriculum, the announcement of the Turkish Ministry of Education states that during the discussion of the “Blue Homeland” the “Sea of ​​Islands” will also be discussed, as the nationalist circles always call it. Aegean in order to question its Greekness, while the reasons why Turkey is not a party to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and its “rights in international waters today and in the future” will also be explained to the students. . The importance of the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” for Turkey and the Turkish world will also be highlighted.

And with this move, all illusions about Turkey's intentions are dispelled as revisionism and the questioning of our country's sovereignty become formally official state ideology, to which from now on not only officers and diplomats but all new generations will be introduced Turkish citizens.

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