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Turkish Cypriot properties given to “unemployed” millionaires – New complaints in Parliament

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The lack of strategic planning, which will set objective and measurable criteria in the whole process of managing Turkish Cypriot assets, allows non-beneficiaries, people with large assets and political influence to own assets from which the state loses millions of euros. Yesterday, in the context of the ex-officio examination of the issue by the Committee of Refugees of the lease of Turkish Cypriot houses to non-beneficiaries, the mayor of Paphos made new complaints for the lease of Turkish Cypriot properties and blasted the Guardian of Turkish Cypriot Properties. He accused Interior Minister Nikos Nouri of indifference. The mayor of Paphos spoke about the most serious issue that exists with the management of T/C property in Paphos, noting that the illegalities and impunity of decades have resulted in hundreds of properties worth several million euros being owned by non-beneficiaries. >

Millionaire and unemployed

Special mention was made, among others, of “unemployed” who was given a “fillet” in the center of Paphos and specifically at the intersection of Makarios and Evagoras Pallikaridis. In this case, both the mayor of Paphos and the chairman of the commission, Christos Christofidis, stated that the “unemployed” is the offspring of a well-to-do family known in Paphos.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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