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Turkish journalist Ali Kismir faces risk of years in prison

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Turkish Cypriot journalist and chairman of the Turkish Cypriot press union, Ali Kismir, who was recently deported from Turkey, faces the risk of occupying the occupied territories multi-year “imprisonment”. A “trial” began in the occupied territories on the occasion of an article by Mr. Kismir, which was published during the period of the emergence of the new leader of the Turkish Cypriots.

At the beginning of the “trial” hearing, Mr. Kismir is also faced with the risk of “being banned from leaving” the occupied territories.

police for a trial against him, accusing him of insulting the Security Forces, due to an opinion article entitled “The White House”.

Through social media (MKD), Mr. Kismir, referring to the new “trial”, pointed out that “today I was informed by the General Police Directorate about a trial (against me) due to an article of my opinion (it may be the first trial of this kind). “In the context of the trial, in addition to the imposition of a travel ban, they are seeking a prison sentence of up to 10 years.”

It is recalled that shortly before the new “trial”, Mr. Kismir was deported from Turkey , on his return to the occupied from abroad with a stopover in Istanbul.

The Turkish Cypriot Bar Association reacted to the new development and its president announced that he was taking over the defense of Mr. Kismir. Hassan Esentagli, in a relevant position in the MKD, said about the new development that “we are going through a period in which everything that worries us is happening with great speed (lately). It is the practice of oppressive regimes to investigate individuals for criminal cases because of thoughts, ideas, words and writings. We have no choice but to resist them. “

At the center of the new “trial” against Mr. Kismir is an opinion article that was released during the period of the emergence of the new Turkish Cypriot leader. In this article, Mr. Kismir sharply criticized Ankara for interfering in the internal political events of the Turkish Cypriots and the “presidential elections”.

Kismir speaks to KYPE

On the new “trial”, Mr. Kismir shared his views with KYPE and stated that behind the new development are the leadership of Ersin Tatar and the “embassy” of Turkey in the occupied territories.

Mr Kismir also said the “trial” would begin on Monday. In the first phase of the “trial”, Mr. Kismir will object to the request of the “prosecutor” for the imposition of bail because he does not want to face the measure of banning them from leaving the occupied territories during the “trial” hearing. p>

“They want to oppress us. “They are seeking our obedience,” said the Turkish journalist.It is noted that, earlier on Tuesday, the Turkish Cypriot journalists' union called on the Turkish Cypriot political parties to amend the “legislation” concerning freedom of expression and freedom of the press in the occupied territories.

In a relevant announcement , the union states that “there is a need to amend laws that are restrictive, obsolete and are the basis for many lawsuits.” For this project, the Turkish Cypriot Journalists' Union proposes the cooperation of Turkish politicians with Turkish Cypriot journalists.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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