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“Turkish Republic of Cyprus” the occupied, says Akar

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He spoke again of “two equal, sovereign, independent states” – It has launched a new attack against Greece

We now call Cyprus “the Turkish Republic of Cyprus”, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said, adding that they are talking about two equal sovereigns independent states. Regarding the alleged harassment of Greece, Hulusi Akar said that in Athens “they are playing with fire”.

Speaking at a Turkish Armed Forces exercise in Kars, Hulusi Akar said that “Greece is dreaming” and that Europe is trying to kick it “under the table ». “They are not going to explode, we will build the engine, the plane and the tank,” Hulusi Akar continued.

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    The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs also asserted that “Greece is in the world of dreams, taking measures that will harm the well-being of the people themselves. They spend money, they get involved, they commit. They further burden the already weak welfare of the people. We are talking about a country with a debt of around 500 billion euros. She still has a passion for gear for her size, she's chasing alliances.” “You are a NATO member country. Why are you chasing other alliances?” he wondered.

    For the American bases, the Turkish Minister said that “the US is increasing the number of bases in Greece”. “Defense and security is a matter of surveillance and precaution. In conversations with Americans, they state that they are definitely not against us. We are following this issue closely. We are taking our measures,” he said.

    He claimed that Greece accuses us immorallythat we follow “neo-Ottoman, revisionist and expansionist policies”. “What is Greece trying to cover up with this? A great idea. We, on the other hand, are making efforts for dialogue with a prudent state perception, I am ready to welcome the Greek Minister of Health if he comes tomorrow, and I am ready to go if he calls me tomorrow. Our goal is to 'eat grapes, not beat the vine grower'. Elections are approaching in Greece. They see the only solution to Turkophobia,” he said.

    For Cyprus, Hulusi Akar said that “we now call it the Turkish Republic of Cyprus. Our President stated this. We are talking about two equal sovereign independent states. This must be accepted. We ask for dialogue and a fair solution. Calls for dialogue are not weakness, and our declaration that we will not allow fait accompli is not a threat. On the other hand, in the Aegean, the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus, we are committed, determined and able to protect the rights and laws of our Cypriot brothers as well as our own. Turkey is not a threat to anyone, it is a strong and reliable ally”.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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