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Turmoil in politics since the Russian invasion

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine is also causing turmoil in the politics of Cyprus as on the one hand it is the debate on the positions expressed by political forces and on the other are the controversies related to the financial consequences. & nbsp;

The president of DISY , Averof Neophytou, in a written statement referred to the need to condemn Russia's attack on Ukraine. “Cyprus can not remain silent in the rule of law of the powerful against the law. This is not only a threat to the international legal order, but also has a significant impact on our case. We are always on the side of law. “We have an obligation to uphold the law,” he said.

He adds that without any rotation and without “yes, but”, the invasion is unjustified, illegal and criminal. The war, he says, must end now, and he notes that diplomacy is always the right way to solve international problems.

& nbsp; “Whoever proposes equal distances for small interests in such cases, beyond the short-sighted and morally unacceptable fact, at the same time undermines our national cause.” The economy, he added, will endure once again, “thanks to our correct and meaningful policy.” The foundations of our economy today, he said, are strong, they have nothing to do with those we had in 2013.

The general secretary of AKEL , Stefanos Stefanou, in his statements and referring to the position of the Minister of Finance, called on K. Petridis to answer “on behalf of the Government how the Government of Alarm fortifies Cyprus in relation to what is happening around us and what it will claim from Europe about the impact that any sanctions will have on the European economies and what we ask for as European solidarity in order to protect the Cypriot economy “. St. Stefanou stressed that AKEL does not expect geopolitics lessons from the Minister of Finance and the Government but “to tell us how they will protect the world as they should do”.

EDEK in a statement states that the invasion of Russia in Ukraine and the new data as they have formed require the return of the Cypriot to its proper basis as a matter of illegal invasion, continued occupation and ethnic cleansing.

In Ukraine, the governments of Cyprus and Greece should be focused on reminding the Cypriot invasion, says the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic George Kolokasidis, as, as he says, anything we gain in positive reports about Cyprus is “useful and redeemable”. “The Cypriot Government continues to monitor and endorse European decisions on Ukraine. But these are not enough. “Statements have already been heard from a Cypriot MP but also from the Greek Prime Minister which show that even from the Greek side there is difficulty in reminding the Turkish invasion of Cyprus”, he states. “Whatever we gain in positive, verbal reports, is useful and redeemable. This should have been the job of both the Cypriot and Greek Governments in this dramatic situation. It is not just the blind coexistence with the European 'partners' “he concludes.


In his statements the president of EDEK He also mentioned his meeting today with Averof Neophytou. The meeting, said Marinos Sizopoulos, is held on the initiative of the president of DISY. He stated that the subject of the meeting is not focused on the presidential elections, but “it is for discussion on the broader developments that exist on the issues of internal governance, as well as on the issues of reforms & nbsp; and especially Local Government that will be discussed soon in Parliament. . However, it is obvious that the issue of the Presidential elections will not be left out of the agenda. “Besides, the general secretary of AKEL, referring to tomorrow's meeting with the president of DIKO, noted that” it is a statement of both parties that the country has reached the bottom and we need to change, to end the rule of the Alarm and to create the conditions for a progressive change in the governance of the place. That's the point of the debate. “

Source: www.philenews.com

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