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Two-hour work stoppage of doctors and nurses – Valloun against OKYpY

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ΔΙωρη σταση ερ&gamma ;ασΙας γιατρων και νοσηλευτων-Βαλ λουν κατΟΚΥπΥ

Next Tuesday, the medical and nursing staff at the public hospitals will go on a two-hour strike, protesting against OKYPY for not honoring its commitments, for the collective agreements, for the staff hired on an emergency basis, until the end of December.

As stated in a relevant announcement, the trade unions SEK, PEO, DEOK, PASYDY, PASYKI and PA.SY.NO. jointly decided to call their members to the public hospitals of OKYpY, to carry out a 2-hour warning work stop, next Tuesday, January 17, 2023, between the hours of 8.30 a.m. and 10.30 a.m.

In their joint statement, it is noted that the work stoppage is being carried out due to non-compliance with the Organization's commitments to enter into a collective agreement.

The unions state that, despite the warnings in the last two letters dated 2.12.2022 and 15.12.2022 , OKYpY unreasonably delayed setting a meeting in November to proceed with the discussion and to conclude the conclusion of a collective agreement for the staff hired with personal contracts until the end of December.

As stated “these were the commitments of  OKYPY before the unions from November 3, 2022. In the letters in question we called on the Organization to act immediately to move the process forward in accordance with the relevant commitments and the Organization had been warned for obstructing such a serious issue that adversely affects a very large number of workers” .

Concluding, the announcement emphasizes that the trade unions had warned that the non-compliance with the commitments of the Organization will inevitably lead to labor unrest with the adoption of dynamic measures.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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