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Two new Zorpas stores in the US

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In the last 3 years the company opened 7 new stores and more than 14 renovations

Δyο νέα καταστorματα Ζορ πας στις ΗΠ&Alpha?

Zorpas Ovens will open 2 more stores in the United States of America, hopefully reaching 6. One store will be in the Commack area and the other in the Greenvale area.

In the context of the presentation of the renewed visual identity of Zorpas Ovens, during his speech the CEO of the Group, Dimitris Zorbas, revealed that in a few days another Zorpas Oven will open its doors in Latsia, in the Latsia area, specifically on Giannou Kranidiotis Avenue 91, while two new stores are in the works in the United States of America, in the Commack and Greenvale areas.

Mr. D. Zorbas emphasized that, within the last 3 years, the company proceeded with the opening of 7 new stores, more than 14 renovations, the renewal of the bakery department with service from specialized staff, the operation of the pre-order service click & pick and recently the delivery service. He also made special reference to the adoption of a new environmental approach and new technologies through the Group's stores. In the 48 years of Zorpa's history, as he said, “we now count more than 100 points of sale, 12 different brands, hundreds of products and almost 4000 colleagues”.

Δύο νέα καταστorμα τα Ζορπας στις ΗΠ&Alpha?

The renewed visual identity of Zorpas Furnaces, which is designed on the basis of the Group's strategy and vision, was presented on Wednesday, May 17, 2023. The guests were welcomed with brief greetings by the President of the Group, Mr. Kostas Zorpas and the Executive Director of Industrial Unit Mr. Tasos Zorpas, who referred to the history of the company and thanked the consumer public for the trust they have shown, these 48 years.

Δyο νέα καταστorματα Ζορ&pi ;ας στις ΗΠΑ

Afterwards, the Marketing Manager of the Zorpas Group, Mrs. Sofia Tsene, presented the philosophy of the new visual identity and the steps taken to renew the Zorpas Ovens brand. “Recognizing the need for renewal, we created the new era of the ZORPAS Ovens brand. An era marked by a complete rebranding, with a new dynamic image that expresses the development, evolution and expansion of the brand, but at the same time refers to its history, on which the relationship of trust it has with the public is founded”, he noted during her speech.

As Ms. Chene noted, “the new communication is not only about our image but also about the essence of who we are.” “Based on truth, moments and emotions, our goal is to keep up with new trends and contemporary needs of the public. To become an integral part of his daily life, offering not only tasty products but also an unrepeatable sensory experience”, he added.

New production methods

Returning to Mr. D. Zorpas' speech, he emphasized that new methods of production, pollution control and keeping energy consumption at low levels were adopted, while targeted measures were taken to save energy and reduce the carbon footprint of the stores.

The CEO of the Group stated that the renewal of the image of Zorpas Ovens is not only in the communication of the brand but also in its overall strategy. “Our goal is to offer an upgraded experience to our customers, with store renovations and the opening of new ones, strengthening our network but also offering services that make every consumer visit to Zorpas Ovens even easier and more pleasant”, he underlined.

“Our permanent purpose”, said Mr. Zorpas, “is to be an ecologically aware company that contributes to the development of the Cypriot economy, helps society, offers jobs and contributes to the creation of a more prosperous, secure and healthy future for our children. Our promise, to continue walking with the same values ​​and to evolve. Enjoying now, planning for tomorrow”.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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