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UEFA RANKING: Red A. goes, Cyprus embraces the 5 European tickets

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UEFA RANKING: Red A. goes, Cyprus embraces 5 European tickets

The Red Star was excluded from Milan, will not continue in the “16” phase of the Europa League and thus was sealed by 99% the 15th place for Cyprus in the UEFA ranking for the five years 2016/17 – 2020/21.

This means securing a fifth European ticket (and a second in the Champions League) for the 2022/23 season.

The Serbian team drew (1-1) in Italy, but the away goals (2-2) of Milan gave them the qualification and so the Red Star completed its European effort, so Serbia is 1000 points behind the Cyprus in the ranking.

Teams from Switzerland (Young Boys), Croatia (Dinamo Zagreb), the Czech Republic (Slavia Prague) and Greece (Olympiacos Piraeus) continue in the tournament. Closer to Cyprus is Switzerland, which in order to achieve the overthrow, Young Boys will have to reach the semifinals, and even so it may not be enough, since there are three wins and one draw left.

Greece, after the defeat of Olympiacos by Eindhoven in the Netherlands, fell behind in the standings, falling to 20th place. Nevertheless, the red and whites continue in the institution, but they need five wins and one draw to overcome us.

We remind you that keeping in the 15th group which means that it secures a fifth European ticket, then in the 2022/23 season our champion and runner-up will start from the 2nd round of the Champions League, our cup winner from the 3rd round of the Europa League, while the third and the fourth from the 2nd round of the Conference League. Otherwise, what will happen next summer and our country will be represented by the champion in the Champions League (2nd round) and by the cup winner, the second and third of the championship in the Conference League (all of them also from the 2nd round ).

15 CYPRUS 27,750 ——————— ———– 0/4
16 SERBIA 26,750 1,000 DOES NOT CONTINUE 0/4
17 SWITZERLAND 26,225 1,525 3 NIKES + 1 ISOP. 1/4
18 CROATIAN 25,675 2,075 5 NIKES + 1 ISOP. 1/5
19 Czech republic 25,600 2,150 5 NIKES + 1 ISOP. 1/5
20 HELLAS 25,600 2,050 5 WINS + 1 ISOP. 1/5
21 ISRAEL 24,375 3,375 DOES NOT CONTINUE 0/4

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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