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“UEFA talks about including the fans, we are moving to exclude them”

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 «Η UEFA μιλγια σ&upsilon ;μπερψη οπδσπρο ωρμε αποκεσμοσ»

>The General Director of the GSP, Phoivos Konstantinidis, gave his position in relation to the statements made by the Police regarding the movement of fans (read HERE), speaking to SPOR FM.

Regarding the statements of the police spokesperson: “I admit that I was surprised by the statement from the Police spokesperson. I figured they wanted to take advantage of this time. Football is for the world. The measure decided upon was wrong from that time. I was hoping that during the metro period they would prepare the conditions for the new league. It is a continued defeat of the state and the police by the hooligans. A measure which was apparently introduced occasionally, tends to become permanent. We will become like in Greece, where for years the fans have not been going to other stadiums”.

Why other measures were not taken: “Many things changed. One of the most basic problems identified was the state of the stadiums, the deficiencies that the stadiums had. Both in terms of security, but also in the provisions of the law on violence in the stadiums. Instructions had been given by two governments to carry out studies on what the stadiums need and to find a specific fund and fix the stadiums by the government. At the moment the government is telling the stadiums that it is their business. The stadiums don't have fans, the teams play and don't pay and we talk about such things? The other time they went to Antonis Papadopoulos, Famagusta and Dasaki and said they needed 59 million to fix the stadiums. With this money we are building three brand new category 4 stadiums with a capacity of 10,000”.

Regarding control at the stadiums: “Control is the responsibility of the supervisors. In order to do the check more quickly, we cooperated with the police. Recently the police added more officers at the entrance. It helped, but we still have the same problem. There will always be quantities with flares in them, no matter what. It is against UEFA policy. UEFA talks about including the fans, we proceed to exclude the fans”.

For the north in APOEL – AEK: “The police not only went against the law, but also issued a misleading statement to justify themselves . This was not the police's job and she decided on her own. I am a security officer, no one spoke to me. The announcement was also misleading because it said that we will stay with the decision of the KOP which said that all fifty people in a separate stand. The separate stand was an invention of the author of the announcement. KOP said no such thing, neither in its decision nor in its announcement. It was invented by the police to justify this decision”.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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