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Ukraine: An invasion based on lies and myths

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In addition to the regime propaganda in Russia, which for almost eight years now, since the beginning of the Moscow crisis with Kiev or, to be precise, the crisis, as Vladimir Putin himself had delimited, on Russian territory, its voices in difficult circumstances are trying to decipher the absurdity of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Independent Russian analysts ask the big question from the beginning: Why the operation, which now has obvious negative dimensions as it develops. What is Russia's benefit from this attack, apart from the fact that for decades it will stigmatize the country and its people as an attacking neighbor, as a country that caused a new war shock after the Second World War.

< p> The trapping of & # 8230; Russia

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is not going to fulfill the goals set by Vladimir Putin all this time. On the contrary, it will trap the country in an endless, hard and time-consuming economic hardship, as a result of the exhausting measures of the USA and the European Union. According to Russian political scientists, analysts and independent journalists, with Putin's decision to invade an independent country, Russia is heading for a catastrophic course with short-term, but mainly long-term consequences. Why, then, this tragic choice of the Russian President, who even at the last moment of his sermon was lying and talking about his country's attempt to protect the inhabitants of the autonomous Russian territories? Putin's fake show at dawn in the country yesterday was soon revealed.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is aimed at occupying the country, changing its democratically elected leadership and imposing a regime that serves the personal interests and revanchist illusions, utopian, unrealistic thoughts and obsessions of its occupant. The big question that Russian and Ukrainian analysts asked yesterday is whether it is possible for a puppet government to take power in a country of more than 40 million people.

The numbers are false

In the July 2019 parliamentary elections in Ukraine, the pro-Kremlin-friendly “Opposition Platform-For Life” party, led by Yuri Boyko, a former energy minister in Putin's's government, Viktor Yanukovych, won 13%. while President Zelensky's party 43.16%. Ukrainian opposition leader Metvechyuk, one of the close friends of the Russian president himself, participates in and is funded by the opposition platform. This distribution of political forces in Ukraine categorically refutes Putin's repeated refrain that Nazi movements and organizations have prevailed in Ukraine and that he is trying to protect its inhabitants from the Nazis. The far right, however, figures in Ukraine record negligible rates. The question, therefore, that needs to be answered, especially after the last elections in the country, is one: Where are the Nazis and the junta? In the presidential elections in Ukraine on 25.05.2014, the leader of the nationalist party “Right Sector”, Dmitri Yiarush, received less than 1%. In the parliamentary elections did not exceed 1.5%.

Putin's NATO practices

The declaration of war throughout the territory of an independent European member state, the large-scale military operations and the planned occupation of territories, refute the official black Russian propaganda that they are supposedly intervening to save the Russian-speaking population from genocide. Putin, the inspirer, leader and greatest beneficiary of the most corrupt state ever known to mankind, has effectively usurped the Russian state machine to fight the neighboring country and in its face the whole West.

In zero time, the Russian President brought to the fore the NATO boom. Russia, however, maintained a permanent delegation to the North Atlantic Alliance, and after the enlargement was completed, it was Putin who signed agreements with NATO. There was no intention for Ukraine to join NATO. But Russian expansionism, Putin's unreliability and lies, his unbalanced approach and his attempt to change the map and borders of Europe to re-establish the Russian Empire, create insecurity in neighboring peoples from the Baltic states to Moldova. , Poland, Sweden, Finland, etc. Already, both Finland and Sweden are re-announcing their NATO membership, a response to the essence of all the opposing data and potential that Moscow will now have to face.

“Winners and losers”

“It will seem that we have won, but we will be the losers. “Ukraine will appear to have lost, but it will be the winner.” This is how a Russian academic tried to describe the next day of the war yesterday.

Putin's decision to invade a country and repeal agreements that threaten European stability, in fact, immediately does the most damage to Russia and the Russian people, with Putin as its instigator. Which now makes it clear that it is leading the country to complete political and economic isolation and economic hardship. It has sown incredible hatred and enmity between the formerly brotherly peoples of Russia, turning the country and the Russian people into warlords, occupiers and enemies of the Ukrainians for many decades to come. In the consciousness of the international community, Russia is portrayed as an aggressive and expansionist country that endangers international peace, but also the very survival of the planet, as it winds its nuclear program and threatens to use them.

< strong> The Russians feel ashamed

“I am in pain and I am ashamed”, the Russians have been writing in MKD since yesterday morning. The war that humanity, Europe and a country of more than 40 million people have been living with since yesterday is the result of an anti-democratic dictatorial regime imposed by Putin on Russia, in which hundreds of political prisoners are in prison. For a layman you can find yourself with a five-year sentence, huge fines for participating in events, no pressure levers, a submissive justice system, galloping in parliament, assassinations of political opponents, journalists, state terrorism, 25 million below the poverty line and many other wounds from the Putin administration. At the same time, tens of billions are fleeing the country amid widespread corruption by Putin's mafia group, which is plundering the country but looking for ways to divert attention from its internal problems, creating enemies who surround the country with the aim of ostensibly exterminating it. of.

Source: politis.com.cy

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