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Ukrainian crisis: Italy: State of emergency by the end of 2022

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The current Italian Council of Ministers, which took place early in the afternoon, focused on the Ukrainian and energy crises.

Action : According to the Italian Government Press Office, the decree relates to “the level of unforeseen risk to the normal functioning of the national gas system”.

For this reason This “may, and for precautionary reasons, provide for measures to increase supply and/or reduce gas demand in emergencies” but stressing that Italy “is not currently in such a situation”. >

The regulation immediately makes it possible “if necessary, to reduce the natural gas consumption of the power plants that are currently active, maximizing the production from other sources and with the contribution of renewable energy sources”. It should be noted that “it is also possible to reduce gas consumption in the thermal power sector, which is one of the main elements of the average daily demand for natural gas”.

Although so far the official government line is that there is no problem in Italy's energy resources and Gazprom stresses that “supply in Europe will continue normally”, it is confirmed that Italy does not want to be unprepared for an energy parking brake. After all, Russia supplies Italy with 43% of its domestic need, and a possible gap would be felt.

According to a morning report in the Italian online newspaper Open, the supply corridors for coal (from Africa) and gas (from Africa and Azerbaijan) for combustion and electricity generation may reopen. Especially the case of the use of coal is based on a temporary cessation or delay of the ecological transition to meet the energy needs of the country, at least immediately. It should be noted that the gas from Azerbaijan passes through the TAP pipeline, which, we remind you, crosses, among other countries, Northern Greece.

Refugees and Defense

According to the Italian Government Press Office, the Council of Ministers also “unanimously adopted a legislative decree introducing further urgent measures in relation to the developments in the crisis in Ukraine”.

Regarding Defense, the provision provides for “intervention to provide support and assistance to the Ukrainian people through the transfer of military means, materials and equipment to the Government Authorities of Ukraine”. In addition, “the provision contains an authorizing rule which, following a Parliamentary decision, allows the Minister of Defense to issue an inter-ministerial decree for the transfer of military means, materials and equipment to the Government Authorities of Ukraine”.

With regard to refugees, the Council of Ministers has decided to “increase relief and assistance measures for people seeking and seeking asylum in the European Union on a massive scale”. For this reason, the Council of Ministers “approved the declaration of a state of emergency, until December 31, 2022, with the aim of ensuring relief and assistance to the Ukrainian population throughout the national territory as a result of the serious international crisis that is underway.”/p>

For this purpose, always according to the Government “10 million Euros have been allocated for the organization and implementation of the most urgent interventions”. In view of the refugee flow that has already started and is headed to Italy, “the decree provides for the strengthening of the reception network for foreigners”. support for Ukrainian students, researchers and teachers so that they can pursue their studies at universities, higher arts, music and dance institutes and Italian research institutes ”and for whom all means are from the scholarships ”.

Response from Italy for ERT: Christian Mavris

Source: politis.com.cy

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