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UN: We reject the allegations of a discriminatory attitude in the Cyprus issue

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We reject allegations of discriminatory attitudes, the United Nations makes clear – “They are unfounded and wrong” the United Nations responds to the publication of Jeni Duzen United Nations, on the occasion of a publication of the Turkish Cypriot newspaper Yeni Duzen.

Specifically, in a post on Twitter, they clarify that there is an impartial cooperation with both sides and reject any allegations of bias. “They are baseless and wrong,” the United Nations added.

As mentioned in a previous report of the Cyprus Times, the columnist and former director of Geni Duzen, Cenk Moutloujakali writes in his column today that the head of UNFICP, Colin Stewart, during a briefing organized by the Finnish delegation in New York, “he said such things that you take your hat off”.

According to the Press and Information Office, Mr Stewart at this meeting – as quoted by Moutlouyakali – argued that “the northern part of Cyprus now has integrate economically and politically with Turkey. The Greek Cypriot leadership is the one that must mobilize to change this situation. But they only protest, condemn, accuse”.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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