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Unbelievable animal cruelty in Kavala – They mutilated a dog and set it on fire

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ΑπΙστευτη κτη ;νωδλα στην Καβαλα – Ακρωτηρλασα&nu ; σκyλο και του Εβαλαν φωτιΑ

An incredible brutality that took place in Kavala sees the “light” of publicity. On the morning of Monday, February 26, a citizen of the city found himself in front of the lifeless body of a small dog in a state that “witnessed” a torturous death for the unfortunate animal.

As kavalapost.gr reports the dog's carcass was found in the neighborhood of Prophet Elias, behind the “Acropolis”, next to a road where not many people pass.

The animal had obviously been tortured to death as it was tied with tie-wraps, had it was mutilated and then engulfed in flames after first being pelted with flammable material.

It is not yet clear whether the animal was tortured and burned there or if someone simply carried it after death and dumped it at that particular spot.< /p>

Animal lovers who shared the horrific images have already informed the Police and an investigation has been launched.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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