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Unconscious carelessness allowed abuse and derailment

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Unconscious carelessness allowed abuse and derailment

For laughs and cries are many of those included in the official minutes of the depositions of one current and two former Ministers of Interior (Nikos Nouris, Socrates Hasikos, Eleni Mavrou) for the exceptional naturalization program, which were recently received by the Research Committee in camera doors and were made public yesterday.

The minutes, especially those of the Hasiko deposit, reveal the unforgivable sloppiness and lightness with which the state managed for a number of years a program that started as a solution for inflow of liquidity and investments and ended up in a scandalous industry selling Cypriot / European passports. , with hundreds of intermediaries in Cyprus looking for interested parties abroad, to persuade them to secure the passport that opens doors everywhere in Europe and elsewhere, for a predetermined rate and high performance for themselves.


Hasikos: I was not a superman nor did I do any goodies Nouris: An effort was made to make the KEP better

It is outrageous that none of Nouri, Hasiko and Mavrou submitted evidence or even assurances to convince the Investigative Committee that there was from the beginning a valid – reliable register for the thousands of foreigners who were naturalized, with their full details.

“When the applicant came, let's say either through a lawyer, or through an accountant, or else, he would go to the Ministry of Interior, as far as I remember, Mrs. XXXX would take them, whatever it was to send them to the Ministry of Finance, she would send them at the Ministry of Finance, after the application was completed, the file in any case, Mrs. XXXXX brought them, forwarded to my office what was to be signed. When he signed the documents, he sent them for information to the Parliament and at the same time the file was forwarded to the Council of Ministers, where the process was completed if you want with the decision of the Council of Ministers. After the Council of Ministers, the files were returned to Mrs. XXXX. This was the process, as I remember it “, was the characteristic analysis by Mr. Hasikos of the process by which 6,744 investors and their relatives were naturalized, although after the revelation that for years the program operated without a register of naturalized, suspicions are raised whether one knows the real number of aliens who benefited.

Mr. Hasikos's account of the management of the EU interventions, at least when he began to worry about the extent of the issue of naturalization, is a source of grief. According to the former minister, he explained “to the European Commission that we are a country which as you know very well is in a memorandum and the request is let us leave the memorandum, at the same time and at the same time we assure you that there are no illegal naturalizations etc , there is due diligence, attention, but, as soon as the memorandum is over, we are ready to sit down and chat with you, to see exactly how you want it to be and in any case to cooperate, I went through this as Minister of Interior until the end of Memorandum. So when the memorandum ended, if you remember, we had entered into very serious issues of the talks and it was another request that the Minister of Interior then made to the Commission, we will solve it, we are very close to solving it, but at the same time do not think we are doing it here lamogies “.

Source: www.philenews.com

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