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Unemployment and maternity benefits took over

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Unemployment and maternity benefits took over

Adamos Adamou

The process of submitting applications for sickness benefit has entered the digital age since yesterday, a development that is expected to end the existing inconvenience and delay in the payment of this benefit.

As we wrote yesterday, throughout the weekend there were tests and controls of the electronic system, which was finally made available to the public yesterday. “Today (yesterday) another important reform is being implemented for the benefit of society, with the operation of the platform for electronic submission of sickness benefit applications. “We continue to digitize all applications, with unemployment and maternity benefits immediately following”, wrote yesterday on twitter the Minister of Labor Zeta Aimilianidou, announcing this important development, which is expected, as mentioned, to end the many-month delay in the payment of the allowance. The aim is now for the allowance to be paid much earlier, as are the allowances for the special support plans implemented by the Ministry of Labor due to Covid – 19.

For the start of the electronic submission of applications for the sickness allowance yesterday, there was a joint announcement of the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Research, which gives useful advice to the beneficiaries. As mentioned, in order to submit the electronic application for sickness benefit, it is necessary for the insured to have previously created a profile on the electronic platform Cy-Login (Ariadne) and to have been identified. The website of the Ministry of Labor provides information for registration in Ariadne, but also for subsequent submission of the application for sickness benefit. “From today, Monday, February 7, 2022, applications for sickness benefits from the Social Insurance Fund can be submitted electronically, through the website http://www.mlsi.gov.cy/sid, with the aim of their faster examination”, the announcement states, which confirms that the electronic submission of applications for other benefits will begin soon.

“The electronic submission of applications for this allowance is the first step in the use of digital services, which aims to optimize communication with citizens, as well as to accelerate the completion of the examination of these requests. In the immediate future, the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Security, in collaboration with the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, will digitize and electronically submit applications for all benefits, with priority given to unemployment and maternity benefits, which are with the largest number of submitted applications “, it is reported. As also announced, the possibility of submitting an application in printed form will remain valid only for the next two weeks and from February 21 the application for sickness benefit will be possible only through the electronic procedure.

Just before the short circuit

Yesterday's development will not only help the citizens who will get sick from now on in the timely payment of what they are entitled to, but it is also expected to give significant breath to the Social Security Services to examine the thousands of applications for various benefits pending before them. for sickness benefit, the applications amount to a few thousand every week, due to the launch of the coronavirus cases and it is expected that with their electronic submission and examination, the staff of the HCA will be discharged. Over time and with the electronic submission of applications for other allowances of the TKA, it is expected to end the long delays in the examination of applications but also to reduce the many phone calls to the Ministry of Labor, from beneficiaries who usually remain unanswered.

Source: www.philenews.com

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