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Unfiltered Moments: Louis Hotels redefines authenticity

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The essence of the Unfiltered campaign revolves around showcasing and highlighting real people and real experiences.

Unfiltered Moments: H Louis Hotels επαναπροσδιορΙζ&epsilon ;ι την αυθεντικτητα

At an unfiltered press event held on Monday, May 22 at the Hilton Nicosia, a revelation caused a wave of excitement among those present. It was revealed that the mastermind behind the groundbreaking and inspiring Unfiltered campaign was none other than Louis Hotels, the dynamic and innovative group at the forefront of hospitality industry initiatives. This initiative, born out of the company's commitment to corporate social responsibility, aims to promote authentic and unfiltered moments in an era where filters dominate at every level and on almost every social media outlet.

Unfiltered Moments: H Louis Hotels επαναπροσ διορΙζει την αυθεντικότητα

Amidst an ocean of carefully selected images and curated experiences, Louis Hotels recognized the need to embrace the truth of moments, authentic approach and purity, taking on the mission of cultivating a culture that celebrates authenticity, where the message, the products and its actions will be aligned with the truth.

The message that Louis Hotels wants to convey is clear: it is time to put aside any masks and embrace our true selves!


The essence of the Unfiltered campaign revolves around showcasing and highlighting real people and real experiences.

Unfiltered Moments: H Louis Hotels επαναπροσ διορΙζει την αυθεντικότητα

Through the hotels of the Louis Hotels group, guests can expect genuine service, genuine smiles and unforgettable moments and tastes that capture the essence of authenticity. The people of Louis Hotels, with their attitude, put into practice the principles of this pioneering approach, sharing with each guest of the group's hotels authentic experiences of excellent service and genuine traditional tastes with the local breakfast, the selection of local raw materials from local producers , but also with the unrepeatable authentic care for the absolute feeling of authentic hospitality, as it naturally stems from the authenticity and professionalism of the people of the group's family.

At the same time, the campaign highlights the authenticity of the destinations it represents and the beauty of the local areas with the peculiarities of their environment. From breathtaking landscapes to local, indigenous cultural elements and traditions, Louis Hotels invite travelers to immerse themselves in authentic experiences that reflect the true colors, real flavors and authenticity of each destination's local cuisine.

The campaign's powerful messages are conveyed through a series of dynamic exhortations from #GoUnfiltered to #BeUnfiltered, as the campaign essentially invites individuals to embrace their true selves, encouraging a shift towards authenticity in all aspects of life. Whether it's capturing unfiltered memories, exploring unfiltered destinations, or enjoying unfiltered experiences, Louis Hotels is paving the way for a new era of genuine hospitality.

Unfiltered Moments: H Louis Hotels επαναπροσδι&omicron

So everyone can become a fellow traveler on this new road during this year's holidays in Cyprus and Greece by participating in the Unfiltered contest.

The contest will “run” on Instagram and a big winner will win #UNFILTEREDHOLIDAYS for 2 people at the newly renovated 5-star Kerkyra Blue Hotel N' Spa in Corfu, for 5 nights with Premium All Inclusive accommodation and flight tickets.

The process to enter the competition is extremely simple as the public to take part is invited to follow the @louishotels Instagram page and 'post' a photo from their holiday using #unfilteredholidays and tagging 2 friends.

Then the best 3 photos will be selected by Louis Hotels and from the 3, the photo that gets the most likes from the public will prevail.

Louis Hotels invites and challenges the world to embark on a journey where unfiltered moments are celebrated, unfiltered experiences are cherished and authenticity reigns supreme.

As it was characteristically stated at the unfiltered unveiling event: “Embrace the power of authenticity and let Louis Hotels be the your gateway to countless unfiltered experiences!”.

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