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Unions: Aggressive action by tanker drivers if not satisfied

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They call on the tanker companies to take immediate action and have their response within the next seven days

Συντεχνiες: Δυναμικ or διεκδΙκηση απo οδηγοyς βυτιοφoρ ων αν δεν ικανοποιηθοyν

The trade unions SEGDALEMIN – PEO and OMEPEGE-SEK in their letter to the oil tanker companies call on them to take the necessary measures immediately and within the next seven days have their answer to the issues raised by the tanker drivers, otherwise, as they say, the workers they will have no choice but to vigorously assert their self-evident rights.

The unions note that the tanker drivers who refuel from the facilities of Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus, proceeded on Tuesday on a spontaneous two-hour warning stop for safety and health reasons.

The main reason that led the workers to this action, the unions say, is that there is no suitable place for them to take their breaks. Separate toilet areas should also be provided, which can be used by the workers, they note.

All these facilities, they point out, existed in the facilities in Larnaca which date since the 80s if not the 70s.

Given that drivers are prohibited from stopping anywhere during their journeys, the letter states, the need for their direct and unimpeded access to the above areas at the end of each journey is even more imperative.

The unions also point out that waiting for the tankers at the bend until they enter the terminal is extremely dangerous, since the road is heavily trafficked with other vehicles, either trucks serving the Vassilikos Cement Works, or trucks that are served at the port of Vassilikos but also several private vehicles that at any moment may collide with the parked tankers.

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