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United States: Half Citizens Believe Ghosts Exist and 25% Say They Have Seen One

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United States: Half Citizens Believe Ghosts Exist and 25% Say They Have Seen One

Who among the greatest at least does not remember the great cinematic success of the 1980s, “Ghostbusters”, with their ghost hunters and incredible adventures.

Apart from the fact that it led to a new movie with the same theme in 2016, many estimate that it also led to an increase in those who believe in ghosts.

According to a survey cited by the American television network CNN, the number of Americans who believe in the existence of ghosts is said to have increased fivefold since the late 1970s, showing an increase of 400%.

Nearly half believe ghosts exist, and even more striking is the claim by 25% of Americans that they not only believe in ghosts, but have seen – at least – one in their lifetime.

Paranormal activity…

The metaphysical concerns of Americans have risen sharply, despite the decline in the popularity of religions in the United States, as shown by increases in the circulation of metaphysical magazines.

The expansion of the Internet has also played a role, as it allows the transmission of false but plausible news that gains some prestige when it takes electronic form, unlike traditional gossip, word of mouth.

It also allows those who believe in ghosts to safely find like-minded people, without being ridiculed. Mutual acceptance leads to the multiplication of the accepted of these theories but also to their consolidation.

The American television network concludes that the USA is a deeply divided country between citizens with two completely different worldviews, pointing out that the division on the existence or non-existence of ghosts also helps to understand the general division in the country that was reflected in the election controversy. last November in the US and the rate of just over 50% vaccinated against coronavirus.

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