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Unprecedented effects of the heat: Potatoes are coming out of the ground… baked

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Uncertainty and crop crisis due to extreme weather conditions in Cyprus – Farmers talk about tragic situations and sound the alarm

Cypriot farmers are facing serious problems due to the heatwave, with production having suffered major losses and the effects being evident in the primary sector and the worst coming down to the daily lives of consumers. G.G. of the Union of Cypriot Farmers, Panikos Hambas, and G.G. of the Panagrotic Association of Cyprus, Tassos Giapanis, spoke about the situation in the show “Mesimeri and Something” of SIGMA, underscoring the urgent need for strategic solutions.

As Mr. Panikos Hambas mentioned, “the situation has gotten out of control” due to the extreme weather conditions. Entire crops of melons in the area of ​​Kiti and Astromeritis have been destroyed, while the production of luvi and other products has been significantly reduced. These losses create serious problems for the country's food security, which requires an immediate response, warned G.G. of EKA.

The PtD was asking for suggestions, but now it has the farmers waiting

“We are waiting for the President to call us to discuss all these problems and to proceed with a remapping of the agriculture of Cyprus”. said Mr. Habas. He stressed the need for a unified approach in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture to find sustainable solutions to help revive the primary sector.

Tasos Yipanis, for his part, pointed out the need for a general policy that would include short-term, medium-term and long-term measures. Climate change and the green transition are issues that require the cooperation of society, politics and the executive, he said. At the same time, he noted that meetings have already been held with technocratic officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, where specific proposals were submitted to address the challenges.

“Unfortunately, we have finished before Easter and we are waiting for a meeting with the PtD, who had invited the forces of the agricultural organizations to give him suggestions and ways to develop the primary sector from 1.8% to 4% and more and at 5%”.

“Food sufficiency is A and Z”, stressed Mr. Giapanis, who noted that the problems in the sector will be huge, especially if we consider the almost 4 million tourists we have. In the end we will be an import-only country, he warned, “if we do not immediately change our goals and policies”.

They come out… baked potatoes from the ground

The problems are not limited to melons and sweet potatoes. Mr. Yapanis said heat damage affects all open crops, as well as tree crops. “The avocado has wilted and shriveled.” Potato farming has also been badly damaged, with potatoes coming out of the ground… baked. “The prolonged heat has heated the ground so much that with the extraction of the potatoes the potato is baked. We can't sell her, she's half-baked! Potato cultivation has been destroyed by the prolonged heat,” he said characteristically and added: “If potato cultivation, which is underground, was affected, imagine all the other sectors.”

The situation requires immediate action to ensure food sufficiency and to support Cypriot farmers, who are facing unprecedented challenges.


Source: 24h.com.cy

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