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Unspeakable sadness: The body of Kyprianos Papaioannou was identified

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ΑνεΙπωτη θλΙψ&eta ;: Tαυτοποιorθηκε η σορoς του Kυπρια νοΙ ΠαπαΙωΑννου

Tragic end for the Cypriot student who was riding in the second carriage of the train bound for Thessaloniki.

The macabre list of the deaths of the occupants of the fatal accident that took place in Tempe keeps growing.

  • READ ALSO: Liagas and his colleagues froze with the doctor's confession: “One of the bodies probably belongs to my son” student Kyprianos Papaioannou from Avgorou, as this evening his body was identified through DNA with the worst scenario being confirmed, plunging into sorrow his relatives and the whole of Cyprus .

    The news of the death of the unfortunate young man left no one unmoved, with many users flooding social media with heartbreaking, farewell posts such as the one below posted on the Avgorou Famagusta account on Facebook.

    ΑνεΙπω&tau ;η θλiψη: Tαυτοποιorθηκε η σορoς του KυπριανοΙ ΠαπαΙωαννου

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