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Unveiling of a bust of the Honorary President of the Paphos Committee for Multiple Children L. Tselepou

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In an atmosphere of emotion, the ceremony of re-installation of the Monument to the Mother of Multiple Children and the unveiling of the bust of the Honorary President of the Provincial Committee of Multiple Children, Leontiou Ch., took place on Sunday afternoon in Paphos. Tselepou.

The Mayor of Paphos made the unveiling at the intersection of Nikos Nikolaidis and Eleftherios Venizelos Avenues, in front of the Commission offices. The event began with the consecration by Metropolitan Tychikos of Paphos and recitations of poems.

In his greeting, the president of the Provincial Committee for Multiple Children, Savvas Kokkinos, said that our ancestors from ancient times believed that virtue, fighting spirit, contribution and love for fellow human beings should be rewarded because where the above values ​​are rewarded, excellent people grow. Blessed Leontios Tselepos was such a remarkable person full of kindness and giving for his large family, as he said.

No matter how much someone tries to outline the character and personality of the late Leontios Tselepou, he will not be able to give a complete picture and will always leave something behind, he added.

According to Mr. Kokkinos, Leontios Tselepos, with his many years of action and contribution to our country and society, left a clear mark on the political and social events of Paphos. He was the President of the Paphos Organization of Multiple Children for more than 35 years, while he was a member of EOKA 1955-1959 and took part in the battles against the Turkish Cypriot rebellion of 1963-1964. He is the man of legend, he continued, to whom thousands of families with many children owe a lot and recognize him.

Leontios Tselepos came from a large family since his parents had eighteen children. Blessed Leontios Tsielepos, has connected his family's name with the many children of Paphos District and beyond. For more than 35 whole years, almost from the foundation of the Organization, together with his wife Elenitsa, he started the fight to support families with many children, said Mr. Kokkinos, noting that the Pan-Cypriot Organization for Many Children owes him a big thank you for the enormous work, who has also made the bequest, which he leaves to the Pancypriot Organization of Multiple Children.

Mr. Kokkinos also referred to his collaboration with Yannos Anastassi, another personality of the large family, setting aside ideological and party differences and promoting the solution of the problems of the large family.

Dinos Olympios, president of the Cypriot Organization of Multiple Children, stated that “we have gathered here today to honor every mother with many children in the statue of the mother with many children, but also the man who inspired the construction of this statue, blessed Leontios Tselepo, who as the president of the Provincial Committee of Multiple Children of Paphos since 1985 and for 35 years in a row he offered himself to all the families of the district of Pafos”.

Leontios Tselepos said Mr. Olympios, he ran, claimed and did not stop for a minute and through his long tenure he did a lot.

For his part, the Mayor of Paphos Phaidonas Phaidonos said that the Paphos Municipal Council decided to respond to the request of the organization with many children and to place the bust of Leontios Tselepos next to the mother with many children. Mr. Phaidonos said that the difficult conditions we are living in as a Cypriot society, combined with the open wound of the Turkish occupation for 50 years, make the role of the mother with many children and the families with many children worthy of urgent care by the competent bodies. Blessed Leontios Tselepos, continued by Mr. Phaedonos, offered generous social work and was a model fighter for social solidarity and champion of the institution of the family.

On behalf of the family, his son Simos Tselepos spoke saying “I stand humbly and with full respect before you to express from the bottom of my heart the warmest thanks to all who have mentioned my father's name but especially to the large family of many children for their great decision to build the bust of my blessed father”.

Simos Tselepos said that his father mentally “is at this moment with us because he defied the death” after, as he revealed, six hours before his death he called him and asked him to continue being a loving family, united and helping their fellow human beings in any way they can.

Blessed Leontios Tselepos also said to him “my son I salute you” and in six hours he left. Simos Tselepos said that his father defied death, considering that “the moment a person defies death, then he does not die and through our thoughts he is always with us”.

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