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Unwaveringly within the framework of the UN Security Council for the Cyprus issue, Kobos said

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    “We are unwavering within the framework of the UN Security Council for a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation”

    The unwavering position of the Republic of Cyprus for a solution that will move absolutely within the framework of the UN Security Council for bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with political equality and with the starting point of the talks the maturation point in Crans-Montana, underlined the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus Constantinos Kombos, in an interview with NEA published on Friday.

    Speaking about the upcoming transition of the UN Secretary General's Personal Envoy to Cyprus and being asked about the gap between the two sides, Mr. Kombos stated that the Republic of Cyprus remains steadfastly within the above framework, while “the other side is clearly outside” .

    “We are unwaveringly within the framework of the UN Security Council for a bizonal, bicommunal federation (DDO) and political equality as defined in the resolutions of the SA, starting with the ripening point in Crans Montana,” he emphasized.

    “Consequently, if the solution to bring the two sides together is a strategy, a Solomonic solution, this cannot be accepted because it puts us into illegality”, he added.

    At the same time, the Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs pointed out that the Euro-Turkish factor, especially after the recent conclusions of the European Council, is of particular importance.

    “Turkey considers that the promotion of Euro-Turks is to its advantage and we opened this way. Well, those who are looking for the grand opening from us, it has already happened. The choice of positive development is on the other side”, assessed Mr. Kombos.

    Speaking of the “Amalthea” project, the Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke of a very important initiative of Cyprus, which highlights the country's role as “the region's bridge with the EU and as a pillar of stability in times of crisis”.

    “In our own reading, we created a possibility that did not exist for the international community. It wasn't easy. There is the heavy shadow of the Cypriot and not only that. And of course we intend to build in terms of this particular case but also in terms of upgrading all our relevant capabilities”, he pointed out.

    Regarding immigration and the visit of President Christodoulidis with the President of the Commission to Lebanon, Mr. Kombos noted that “there is an intensifying problem with Syrian flows from Lebanon.”

    “Following efforts by Cyprus, the Commission has turned its attention there. The aim is for the EU to support Beirut to find a solution. During the visit of the Enlargement Minister to Lebanon, the issues of financing were discussed. Now at the top political level we will see how it is translated practically”, he explained.

    “We want a safety net for the Republic of Cyprus because the issue is taking on dangerous dimensions”, he commented.

    Also, commenting on the issue of the relations between Nicosia and Athens, he noted that these are “relationships of coordination, dialogue, honesty”.

    “We have very frequent communication at all levels and mutual information. It is not necessary to agree everywhere or have the same tactics. But what matters is the genuine desire to find solutions. For Greek-Turkish e.g. anything that can help the Cyprus issue is welcome”, he said.

    Finally, referring to the developments on the Kosovo issue and whether they are directly related to the Cyprus issue, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus noted that “these are different cases “.

    “There is a noticeable difference: in the case of Kosovo we have 22 EU states that have recognized it, there is an ongoing process and a finding by the International Court of Justice in 2010 which separates the case from Cyprus . Nevertheless, anything that has to do with issues of a separatist nature, understandably, worries us. Our position was put last year in the six-ministerial committee. The Republic of Cyprus voted against”, he concluded.


    Source: cyprustimes.com

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