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Uproar with a Greek comedian: “Jokes” about half of Cyprus and missing persons (BINTEO)

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Σαλος με Ελα&delta ;τη κωμικo: «ΑστεΙα» για μισor Κyπρ ο και αγνοούμενους (BINTEO)

Uproar and shame has cause a Stand-Up Comedy performance by Paris Roupouin Greece with the title "Doulitsa to exist". 

During the show, this particular comedian satirizes the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, laughs at the missing persons and mocks the divided Cyprus . The quote in question is making rounds on the internet with critical comments.

Among other things it mentions. "Once we were in a very expensive bar in Nicosia. A very stocky guy walks in. A friend of mine tells me. You see him, he owns half of Cyprus. I answered him that all Cypriots own half of Cyprus. The only association that now exists in Cyprus is under their eyebrows.

Continuing, he says "I don't think I will ever play in Cyprus, but on the other hand I don't know if I even want to. I'm torn. I'm thinking about the moment this video comes out with comments like "psycho". I play missing one day».

In an earlier interview about this performance, he mentioned that he was not inspired by texts for a specific performance. That is, it does not have a special theme. He deals with many and various topics and observations, which over time and with tests, were linked together and unified. The main source of inspiration, as is often the case in stand-up, is everyday life, things that bother you, human behavior at times, the double meaning of popular phrases, family and stereotypes. "I have a really hard time resisting puns".


@miltisp I feel only shame and sadness that In the year 2023 some people laugh at someone else's pain. And he not only laughs but also makes a show of it… 😠 #вгалтоскасмоепителоус #fypシ #foryou #fyp #cy #foryoupage #кыпрос🇨🇾 #кыпроссеагапооооо ♬ original sound – Miltis


The performance took place in August


Source: www.sigmalive.com

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