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USA: A stolen truck sowed chaos on the streets of Los Angeles

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USA: A stolen truck sowed chaos on the streets of Los Angeles

After a night of chasing, at low speeds, with the police, the thief of a truck stopped traffic this morning for several hours on one of the busiest highways on the outskirts of Los Angeles, before surrendering.

In total, the thief's escape attempt lasted more than 12 hours and caused huge traffic jams at rush hour.

According to the images broadcast by local television networks, the thief, who was moving at a low speed, had taken care to wear the seat belt and was using the flashes.

The chase began last night, shortly after 8pm, in eastern Los Angeles, when the suspect stole a truck from a parking lot.

Upon being informed by the driver, the police soon located the stolen truck on the highway, thanks to a helicopter and patrol cars that chased it.

They managed to burst the truck's tires using strips with nails, which they placed on the road, but the thief did not stop, continuing his course, although without tires.

After crossing several counties, the vehicle stopped this morning, at 04.00 local time, in the middle of a highway in Santa Ana, south Los Angeles, forcing the authorities to close the road used by tens of thousands of drivers every day to go to work.

The criminal did not immediately surrender to the police, who had surrounded him, remaining in the cab of the truck for over 4 hours.

It was finally delivered around 08.30, having caused traffic jams throughout the area.

Source: politis.com.cy

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