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USA: Cat accidentally mailed to California

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ΗΠΑ: Γατα ταχυ δροηκτλσστηνΚλι ;νια

The cat has a preference for playing in boxes and is particularly good at hiding

A Utah family has been reunited with their cat after it was accidentally mailed to California with a return package. Galiana disappeared from the house mysteriously on April 10, but her owners could not understand how the cat could disappear without a trace.

According to the NBC News report, a week later, the couple received a notification that the microchip had been scanned so they called a vet in Los Angeles. The cat managed to survive for six days without food or water after it was mistakenly sent as an Amazon return.

“We were devastated when we realized she jumped into a large box”

“I ran to tell my husband that Galena had been found and we were devastated when we realized she must have jumped into an oversized box we had sent her last Wednesday,” Clark said. “The cat has a preference for playing in boxes,” according to Clark, and is particularly good at hiding.

Clark also told KSL that she was able to speak with Amazon warehouse worker Brandy, who found Galena. The Amazon employee told Clark over the phone that she took care of the cat before taking it to the vet the next day. Upon receiving the call, Clark and her husband booked a flight to California to be reunited with their cat.

“Galena is a huge emotional support for me and has helped me overcome many health challenges in last six years,” Clark said. “The anxiety and stress I had because I didn't know what happened to her was excruciating.”

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The family reunion moment with the cat

The couple's post

< p>Shortly after reuniting the couple with their cat, Clark posted on Facebook and the Utah County Lost & Found PETS, explaining the story and describing the cat's survival as a “tender” ending.

Indeed, in her post Clark wrote that “Her blood tests were completely normal,” adding that “Despite the fact that she is very thin, she is safe and sound.”

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