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USA- Presidential elections 2024: Favorites and outsiders

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The 2024 US presidential race so far has few official nominations, with Democratic President Joe Biden yet to announce whether he will seek re-election to the White House, and Republican nomination favorites weighing the odds them in a possible showdown with former President Donald Trump.

Here is a list of the major politicians who have indicated their intention to run for the US Presidency, as well as other possible candidates from both the Democratic and Republican Party.

Joe Biden

The 80-year-old US President has been expected for months to announce his candidacy in the 2024 election. On April 14, he said he intended to announce it “relatively soon”. Political analysts emphasized that he would not benefit from his early entry into the pre-election race, since the elections are still 19 months away. Although his popularity is at low levels, he is not seriously threatened by anyone for the Democratic nomination.

Donald Trump

The 76-year-old Trump announced his candidacy last November amid criticism from Republican officials for his support for far-right candidates who were defeated in the midterm elections. Like Biden, he does not enjoy the trust of a large portion of the party's supporters. But he has a staunch following and gained points in the polls after New York prosecutors indicted him in the case of paying porn star Stormy Daniels. Donald Trump is seen as the frontrunner to win the Republican nomination and run for the US presidency in 2024.

Ron Desandes

The 44-year-old Florida governor, who looks a lot like Trump, has yet to officially announce his candidacy, but he is following the steps a would-be suitor for the White House usually takes. Most polls show him second only to Trump for the Republican nomination. He has signed bills to restrict abortion and loosen controls on gun sales, positions that may resonate with the conservative camp but could be a roadblock in the race for the White House. Some of the GOP's top donors do not take kindly to DeSandis' confrontation with Walt Disney over the Florida theme park, as well as his mixed messages regarding continued US support for Ukraine, but also his reluctance to respond decisively to personal attacks he has received from Trump.

Nikki Haley

A former governor of South Carolina and US ambassador to the UN (during the Trump presidency), Haley, 51, aspires to bring a wind of renewal to the White House, highlighting the age difference that separates her from Biden-Trump and her origins (the daughter of Indian immigrants). She is seen as able to handle issues of gender equality or racial discrimination in a much more credible way than most of her peers. He also presents himself as a champion of American interests in the international political arena.

Tim Scott

The only African-American Republican senator does not have much appeal outside his home state (South Carolina), but his optimism and ambition to unite his divided party have helped him stand out from the "tough" Trump and Desandes. Tim Scott's supporters admit, however, that he will hardly succeed in defeating the favorites – especially Desandes, who has a rich legislative work to show for it. Scott, 57, has already assembled his staff ahead of the 2024 presidential election, but has yet to officially announce his candidacy.

Isa Hutchinson

The former Arkansas governor announced his candidacy in April, urging Trump to drop out of the race to deal with his problems with the judiciary. The 72-year-old Hutchinson believes that as the governor of a conservative state, he has proven that he can implement the policies that Republican voters want, promising tax cuts and creating new jobs. However, political analysts point out that his popularity is limited beyond the borders of Arkansas.

Mike Pence

Trump's VP has broken with the Republican ex-President over the 2021 attack on Capitol Hill. The 63-year-old Pence – who was inside the Capitol at the time of the storming by angry Trump supporters – has said that "History will hold Donald Trump accountable" for his role in the attack. But he defended him when New York prosecutors indicted him, underscoring the risk of marginalizing Trump supporters in the primaries. As he said recently, he has not yet decided whether to seek the Republican nomination ahead of the presidential election.

Chris Christie

The former governor of New Jersey is considered a of the possible contenders for the Republican anointing. Christie, 60, also claimed it in 2016. He had been a supporter of Trump but turned against him after the 2021 attack on the US Capitol.

Chris Sununu

< p>The New Hampshire governor is weighing his chances if he enters the race. The 48-year-old Sununu, at the helm of this small American state since 2017, has declared that the Republican Party needs new leadership and that he does not believe that Trump can defeat Biden.

Vivek Ramaswamy< /strong>

A former biotech company executive, 37-year-old Ramaswamy founded a company in 2022 that urges companies to abandon ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) criteria. He announced his candidacy for the Republican Party nomination in February. He may have been hyped at times as a possible alternative to Trump, but he remains a clear outsider.

Robert Kennedy Jr.

A leading figure of the anti-vaccination movement, the 69-year-old Kennedy aspires to claim the Democratic nomination with (possible) opponent Joe Biden. He has been banned from social media platforms YouTube and Instagram for spreading misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines. He is the son of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1968 during the primaries.

Mike Pompeo

Trump's former Secretary of State and CIA director was one of the possible candidates for the Republican nomination, but decided – for personal reasons – not to run. He has been a close associate of Donald Trump and had supported the former President's allegations of fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Glen Youngin

By hedge fund executive became governor of Virginia and had previously been considered a possible candidate for the Republican Party nomination. However, many of his associates have recently joined Desandes' staff, suggesting that the 56-year-old Youngin will not enter the race after all.

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