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USA Visa Waiver – When is it expected to take effect?

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αρηζγια –ε ναμνεται εφαμοστεi

The goal of abolishing entry visas to the USA by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025 is completely achievable, Government Spokesman Constantinos Letympiotis said on Wednesday.  

In statements at the Presidential Palace after the meeting of the Council of Ministers, and asked to refer to a statement by the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, that we are at the final stage in the issue of entry visas to the USA, the Representative recalled that during the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the USA, one of the last pending agreements was signed for the inclusion of Cyprus in this program and after this agreement we are essentially entering the final stage for our inclusion.

Mr. Letympiotis mentioned that the Deputy Minister to the President, who has been appointed since last year as the coordinator of the efforts for the inclusion of our country in the program, where in fact the visa will not be needed for the holders of Cypriot passports when they travel to US, is preparing the data, which will be delivered to the US.

He explained that what remains is a practical difficulty that exists as a parameter from the US side, namely the rejection rate to is less than 3%.

“That is, out of 100 applications made by Cypriot passport holders, less than three are rejected. Last year we were very close to the target, we hope that this year we will be able to touch the target. There is still an agreement that will be signed and we hope that this will be done in the very near future, he said.

Mr. Letympiotis said that we are fulfilling all our obligations and the difficulty of 3% remains, but we are optimistic that we will be able to reach this goal.

“Once this data is submitted it will take a period of about three months for the US to evaluate whether to accept or reject the rate. ‘ Well, the goal for the end of 2024 with the beginning of 2025 is completely achievable and it is a goal that was set from the first moment of assuming the duties of this government, he said.

In another question the Representative said that any country applying to join the program must meet this criterion, the rejection rate.

Holguin visit

Furthermore, respondents when will the President of the Republic have a meeting with the Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary-General Maria Ángela Holguín Cuellar, the Spokesperson said that there is nothing concrete so far regarding the date, noting, however, that “as soon as if there is anything new in relation to either the submission of Mrs. Holgin's report to the UN Secretary-General or to the arrangement of a new meeting with the President of the Republic, it will be made public.”  

Source: www.philenews.com

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