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“Vaccination” MOE with new ideas to entice Ankara

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& nbsp & nbspΚώστας Βενιζέλος & nbsp; & nbsp;

The Foreign Office presents ideas on how to make the package of Confidence Building Measures proposed by the Republic of Cyprus more attractive. The & nbsp; Cypriot Officer at the Foreign Office, Ajay Sharma, who ten days ago was in Cyprus for his scheduled quarterly contacts, tried to persuade Nicosia to be more flexible and to operate with more generosity.

All this while the theater of war is in progress in Ukraine and the European Union, the United States and Britain itself only adopt sanctions against Russia for its invasion and advance, and the issue of the UN has never been raised. & nbsp;

At the same time, however, it is clear that the man of the Foreign Office has before him what Nicosia has submitted, which are the MOE and not the sanctions, which the Cypriot Government put on the “ice” (or even withdrew this tool). , as our partners in the EU and the Brussels bureaucracy have realized). to make the package more “attractive”, so that the Turkish side responds and starts a discussion. According to the discussions of Mr. Ajay Sharma here, London put, among other things, the following as “food for thought” and ideas to be processed by the Republic of Cyprus:

First, the package should be promoted in two phases. This idea starts from the need to entice Ankara and the occupying regime and to make it. Easier to & nbsp; accept the proposed MOEs. Based on the British idea, in the first phase to operate the illegal airport of Tympos and to open the port of Famagusta and in the second the enclosed area of ​​the city. It is understood that such a “split” of the package, which in any case, contains dangerous elements, such as the operation of the airport of the occupied Tympos, will lead to a situation where the Turkish side will secure those measures, which serve it. they are upgrading it and the Greek one will be waiting. It is noted that this idea caused the annoyance of Nicosia and showed it during the discussions. & Nbsp;

Second, Mr. Ajay Sharma encouraged Nicosia – in order & nbsp; to “shape” the occupation leader – to include in his letter to the President, Ersin Tatar, references to “co-founders” and “co-owners” of the island. It is recalled that in the past London had asked Anastasiadis and Tatars to exchange letters with reports that would allay their mutual concerns. The British view is that the Greek Cypriots must recognize the “innate rights” of the Turkish Cypriots, which will refer to the issues of the sovereignty of the “co-founders” of the Republic of Cyprus. It is obvious that in case such formalities are recorded in Anastasiadis's letter, regardless of the result of the initiative, they will be used later, without being excluded to infiltrate some drafts of United Nations resolutions on the Cyprus issue.

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Draft Security Council resolutions, as is well known, are always drafted by the British. & Nbsp;

The issue of letter exchange is being maintained by the British, in their view, to provoke & nbsp; mobility. As Mr. Ajay Sharma is said to have said to the President of the Republic, having his letter, with the reports that he claims should be included, will be created – in his estimation – “ground” to discuss the package in Ankara . & nbsp;

Thirdly, during the discussions of the Foreign Office official, the British side raised – in the form of friendly encouragement – the need for Nicosia to start the preparations with the ICAO in relation to the necessary arrangements, so that everything is ready if and when operate the airport of Tympos. Of course, if the preparation, as London suggests, goes ahead and in the end the package is not implemented, obviously this & nbsp; process will remain as an… acquis. As is well known, Nicosia's proposal is for the airport to be managed by the United Nations on the basis of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) rules. There seems to be an opinion that ICAO can also take over the operation of the airport. The issue, always, is what will be the role of the Republic of Cyprus as if it does not have, then we will find ourselves “face” with the upgrade of a separate entity in the occupied territories. It seems, however, that the proposals proposed by Nicosia & nbsp; MOE have not been elaborated in depth and detail. & Nbsp;

It is obvious that in London they are welcoming the proposed package of the MOE, they consider that it is moving in the “right direction” and that there are measures that can be accepted by the Turkish side. At the same time, the Foreign Office, especially its envoy, believes that Nicosia should take further steps if it has taken steps that may entice Ankara and its occupants into the occupied territories. More attractive moves! & Nbsp;

Commission: Turkey not to impose sanctions

Occupying Turkey has been anointed as a “peacemaker”, reaffirming the tolerance of the so-called international community against a country that has long had the invasion and illegal presence of its troops in foreign lands. & Nbsp;

At a recent debate in the Political and Security Committee (PSC) in Brussels, Member States raised the issue of the implementation of sanctions decided by the European Union against Russia and by occupying Turkey. According to information, the representative of the European Commission, who was present, was clear: & nbsp; Turkey's attitude, behavior serves us in the efforts for mediation between Russia and Ukraine. And the issue is over, as it appears there. & Nbsp;

It is noted in this regard that the President of the Republic, in the context of the Informal Meeting of the European Council in Versailles, stated in his speech that “Turkey, a candidate country for EU membership, refuses to align itself with sanctions, taking advantage of this financially the situation, but also undermining the intended effectiveness of sanctions. “Something that has always been her favorite method.” & nbsp; Apparently he did not find a response to this position. & nbsp;

But US President Joe Biden, during his last telephone conversation with Erdogan, expressed his appreciation for the Turkey's efforts to support “a diplomatic solution to the conflict” while welcoming Ankara 's commitment to promoting “peace” and “stability”. And before Biden finished his “good words” about Turkey, Erdogan asked for gifts. First the lifting of sanctions for the purchase of 40 new aircraft and for the modernization of F-16 aircraft.

Source: www.philenews.com

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