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Vaccines and lockdown the magic solution – Reduce positivity

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Vaccines and lockdown the magic solution - Reduce positivity

Hopes for the gradual lifting of the restrictive measures after the expiration of three weeks from the day of application of the lockdown are created by the reduction of new coronavirus cases that are announced daily. However, epidemiologists say that it is still too early to draw conclusions, although there is an improvement in epidemiological indicators.

Only hospitalizations

Excluding the hospital and ICU admissions rate, the rest show little improvement. Importantly, the test positive rate has begun to decline, indicating a reduction in the transmission of the virus to the community. However, as stated by the head of the Epidemiological Team of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Konstantinos Tsioutis, what matters at the moment is the image of the hospitals, and if the reduction of cases in hospitals is not seen, then any relaxation of the measures can not be assessed. He stressed that the data recorded in the last week are a result of the measures taken in mid-December, which, as had happened in the past in the case of local lockdowns in Limassol and Paphos, took more than 2 weeks to pay off. The lockdown according to him takes about 3-6 weeks to pay off. The aim is to reduce hospital admissions to last November's levels. On average, 15-17 new admissions are recorded daily, three times the number of daily discharges. The ideal would be to reduce imports below 10 as they were in November, when measures were taken to stem the pandemic but not to the extent of a lockdown.

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